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One of my favorite shows when I was a kid was Magilla Gorilla. And Grape Ape was cool, too. Although I barely remember either of them now. Isn't that sad? Mr Magoo, too. Loved that show! Now all I remember is he was an old dude with really bad eye sight and hijinx ensued.

Anyway, APE! The Alternative Press Expo, folks! It returns once again this weekend in splendid San Francisco, CA and I will be there once again shlepping my wares and meeting the peeps and buying all kinds of fantastic stuff I can't find anywhere else! And that's what makes it such a great convention...NO, not the "me being there part"...well, yes I guess that does make it a great convention, sure. But I meant the "can't find anywhere else" part! Most of the artists and writers there are selling books and original art that doesn't make it to the mainstream venues like Barnes and Noble or Borders (especially not Borders anymore, eh? sad) or even most comic book specialty shops. And alot of this stuff is absolutely kick ass! Like my stuff, of course. And I'm one of the fortunate few "Indy Artists" who's had some commercial success.

So, if you've got the time or the inclination to seek out and discover some truly inspired and original reads I strongly recommend your visiting the APE! I will be there both days, Oct 1 and 2 and my lovely daughter, Stella, will be set up again with me selling her own sketches on Sunday the 2nd. Saturday she has a big Soccer game. I'm the head coach. One of us had to be there and represent.

Hope to see you there!




Hey all!

Quick note. I still have some KING artwork up on eBay for those of you interested and I have dropped the prices on a couple of the pieces. I've also been posting Archie pages, BB WOLF pages and a TON of comics, graphic novels, dvds and other cool goodies. So go check it out! My eBay user ID is: poo666 and that'll make it lickety-split for you to find my listings.

In other news...

Mr. Dan Vado hosted another great little con last weekend at the Slave Labor Graphics headquarters. He's been doing these warehouse shows every few months and I encourage anyone in the area to go and check them out. He usually has 14-20 artists there and sales on all SLG books as well. It's intimate and the energy in the room is fantastic. I've done as well there in a one day 5 hour show as I've done in the same amount of time at shows like Comic-Con where a bajillion and one people walk through the doors.

My next con will be APE October 1,2 in San Francisco. Please come out for a fantastic show! APE is the premiere "Independent Press" show in the US. I believe there are over 200 exhibitors at the show and as many, if not more, artists and writers.

After that I'll be taking a few months off from cons to keep moving along on my newest graphic novel! Yep, I've got something cooking and I can't wait to make an official announcement soon. So stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime enjoy this rendition of PINHEAD I just did the other day! It may see print in a very prestigious magazine very soon, fingers crossed! (No, the new graphic novel is NOT a Pinhead related story in case you're wondering)



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