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Whew! I've finally had a moment to catch my breath, catch up on work that's been piling up, and post some BB Wolf original pages on the website. YES, you can now nab some BB original art from the graphic novel right here on this here site! I'll be posting more in the weeks to come but, so far, I've got 13 pages up and they're some dandies. (See above!)

All pages are ink-washed paintings on 11" x 14" bristol board and will be signed by yours truly and shipped FREE!!! Just cuz I'm so nice!

And I can promise you that as good as the pages looked in print, or posted on the website, they look a heckuva lot better up close and personal.

Also, if you have a favorite page from the book but don't see it posted on the site, just shoot me an email and ask if I've still got it. I may have it available but just haven't posted it yet.

A'ight, start shopping!




It is with great delight that I announce the BB WOLF BOX SETS are here and available for purchase! This very exclusive, very limited (only 100 made) item has a beautiful laser carved image off BB on the top of the hand made box and inside this split-level work of carpentry art we have: The BB Wolf and the Three LPs graphic novel; the BB Wolf & The Howlers cd with 7 original songs; 2 shot glasses; 3 coasters, and a signed and framed BB Wolf print!

We really wanted to make something special for the collectors out there who seek out truly unique items. So we designed this box to represent the era that the story takes place--giving it an antiquated look and feel with hand-crafted carpentry and intimate details. The split-level interior is really fantastic!--When you lift off the top lid you immediately see the book and the 2 shot glasses nested in their own compartment. And underneath the book lies a hidden layer where you'll find the cd, 3 exclusive coasters (beautifully designed by Troy Geddes) that each look like an old record label, each representing the three songs of BB's that are featured on the cd, and finally the signed and beautifully framed limited BB Wolf print!

We're very proud of this item and limited it to only 100 pieces to ensure its uniqueness. Shipping is free on this item as it is on all the items on the website.

All this for $75.00!!!




I feel that it is my responsibility to my fellow human beings to post this review. I tend to not want to say negative things as the old saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say..." but I seriously feel this is a public service announcement.

I had the Dairy Queen Mushroom Swiss Burger today here in Soquel, CA. It was reprehensible. DQ should be ashamed. Embarrassed for serving such an awful hamburger. This was BY FAR the worst hamburger I have ever tasted in my entire life. The second worst one was not even close and to dethrone today's atrocity would take a lot folks, lemme tell you. The bar has been set pretty darn low. DQ, if you're going to offer burgers on your menu at least make an effort. I mean, c'mon!...

Okay, so it comes out. It's flat. I mean the thing's about 1/2 of an inch thick total. I then notice a gelatanous, milky brown "substance" oozing out the sides. I peel back the top of the bun and see the 15 teeny little "mushrooms" sticking (literally) inside this apparent "gravy" that they have. I've never seen "gravy" on a mushroom swiss burger before?...What the...?! It's approximately the same consistency as that Slime we used to buy when we were kids...remember that stuff? Cool stuff but you don't want it on top of your burger, right?

So I look at my wife and she looks frightened. My daughter asks, "What's that?!" But I paid $4 for this thing so I'm putting the top of the bun back down and figuring, "Well, it might not taste as bad as it looks."


I take my first bite. And it requires effort. The burger patty was pretty tough folks. Having been in food service I instantly recognize the god-awful abomination that some idiot dreamed up years ago to "better serve" the customers...the "Food Warmer that lets your cooked patties that you prepared hours ago moistly swim in it's own juices for hours and still taste juicy fresh when served."


Those things should've been banned years ago and any respectable food joint should know better. The patty's tough, tasteless and dry. "Keeping warm" for hours--even fifteen minutes--sucks all the juices out, morons. Have you ever actually tried the damn things after they've sat in one of those abominations???

Okay, so I manage to choke down that first bite and I quickly remove the top bun again and scrape off all the gelatanous mushroom gravy concoction, add some ketchup and try bite two. Better, but not much. I'm not tasting anything remotely close to Swiss cheese...wasn't this a mushroom "Swiss" I ask myself? Peel top bun off again. The slice of swiss is translucent. I mean nearly invisible...a mere "suggestion" of a slice of cheese. Hence, the "not tasting any swiss cheese" part of my dining experience.

Okay, so now you're going to ask me "Why?" when you read this next line...I finished the whole thing.

Because I paid $4 for the damn thing and I'm not exactly swimming in money these days, all right?!

Plus, I want to see if it actually stays down. I mean, I just have to know! It was SO BAD that I want to see the full extent of its "Badness."

Oh, and the fries were pretty blah, too.

To be fair the Sprite I got from the soda dispenser was satisfactory.



p.s. Stella says her Hot Dog's bun had waaayyy too much butter on it, too. She chucked the bun halfway through and just ate the dog. She did like her ice cream sandwich, though.


Hey kids,

Well just getting back to my normal groove after traveling to the WizardWorld, Chicago con and then the Baltimore Comic-Con the very next weekend. Ain't gonna bash the WizWorld show too much but the book sales were waaaayyyy down and the "Actor" section at the show seemed to be the dominating factor at this year's show. Definitely a shift in emphasis from year's past. I did get to see Mr. William Shatner up on stage, however, and that was a hoot. Also got to see Gov. Rod "Blago" Blagojevich waltzing around on Saturday and shilling photo opps and autographs for $50-85 bucks! I tell you...the man is freaking bullet-proof! He's my gosh darned hero, folks! Either nothing really does bother this man or he is the best damned actor to ever walk the earth. Sign me up for "Team Blago!!!"

Baltimore was great! All comics and brisk sales supported by a staff that truly cares about us the artists, writers and publishers. Marc Nathan put on one helluva show and you leave there feeling special and want nothing more than to return the following year. I was also a presenter at the Harvey Awards again and had a blast. I'm told I did another solid job and got more than a few laughs. Scott Kurtz was the MC again and the guy's really hysterical.

While at the Top Shelf booth we sold a good amount of books (especially BB Wolf) and met a lot of great fans and received a TON of positive feedback on the new book! Thanks to all of you readers for that. Nothing peps up a tired creator at a con more than hearing positive feedback from the readers. A good deal of you were also kind enough to bring in my previously published books to have them signed and that's also a great boost to the ego and re-energizes me like you wouldn't believe.

In other news...

My techie guy, Mr. Mike Rende, has just posted a very cool "music sampler" of the BB Wolf & The Howlers cd we recorded. So if you check out the postings for the cd or the book/cd combo you can now sample the seven songs and get a little taste!...ala iTunes. Thanks a ton for that Michael, great job!

Thassit for now. Tired.



P.S. OH! Many of you have commented on my previous blog many moons back "Trying to Poo in Baltimore" which detailed a very...difficult... week of my life some years back. Happy to report that this year's trip was uneventful in that should I say it was "normally eventful" as it were.

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