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Sigh...Yes, I know...I am always at least 5 years behind the "times" when it comes to any and all technological advances and devices. Case in point, this whole new fancy digital comics thing. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to my entertainment, okay. I like to watch my television programs on an actual television not on my phone or laptop (if I had a laptop), I call or email, rarely text and never "tweet" ...tweeting is one step closer to the apocalypse as far as I'm concerned.

And I prefer reading my books and comics in book or comic book form. I like to flip the pages and easily go back to a page if necessary without it being a pain-in-the-rump. I like the feel of the book in my hands, the paper between my fingers, being able to read in my bed all cozy and comfortable. So, no, I don't dig on the idea of digital comics, okay!...

Until I had to do some research recently on a series and the local comic shop didn't have all the back issues. I searched online for ordering copies but I needed them right away and shipping would take too long. I contemplated driving to San Francisco and scouring the stores there...then it occurred to me... "Oh yeah...they do that digital thingy-majiggy with comics now, don't they?" So I went back online, spent about 4 minutes tracking down the issues I needed, ordered the copies, filled in the necessary forms, hit "enter" and had 9 comics ready to read...and I hate to say this but at a substantially reduced price! And you know what? It was pretty dang cool reading them on my 20 inch iMac screen! Granted I'm not going to run an extension cord to my room so I can read these in my bed, but very cool nonetheless.

Will I be purchasing more digital comics? Yes, I am sure I will, but probably only if I can't find a hard copy. Still, a nice option to have if I'm in a pinch, though. And, of course, there is the whole "collectibility" thing. I'm a comic book collector since age 7. I like buying them, bagging them, storing them and every once in awhile bringing them all out and looking at all of them and their shiny babies. Can't very well do that with my digital copies, y'know.

And then today I get an email from a gentleman in Brazil. He wants to buy a copy of Three Fingers but can't find one where he lives. Well, it just so happens that a Brazilian edition of the book came out a few years ago and it also just so happens that my publisher Top Shelf Productions just started a digital line of all their graphic novels last summer! So I was able to lead him in two directions. Another happy customer and another happy ME for making another happy customer...and a couple bucks!

I know, it's terrible that it took me this long to not only try a digital comic but also (just today) to go to Top Shelf's site and check out their digital copies as well. They've got all three of my books available at a substantially lower price if you're okay with digital copies. If you are I think it's terrific that you save 75%. Go Nuts! Then fall in love with the book and realize, "Y'know, it'd be even better having the actual hard copy so I can hold it, put it on the bookshelf and bring it out once and awhile and look at its shiny goodness!



Mike Rende's Gravatar Rich, I was a bit hesitant to jump onto the digital comics bandwagon too. I just couldn't see the sense in paying cover price for something I couldn't hold in my hands.

A month or so ago I wanted some back issues to fill a gap in a collection, but even the trade paperback of these issues was out of print and I didn't want to pay the price everybody was getting on ebay. Luckily that same book came up in a half price digital comic sale. So instead of paying $60 on ebay, I paid $3.99 for the digital trade on comixology. I downloaded it to my kindle so I could read it on the couch and it was actually a surprisingly pleasant reading experience.

Then Top Shelf had their digital sale and I picked up a few more digital comic books.

Yes, I prefer the 'dead tree' versions of my books too, but it's nice having a low cost, easily portable, always in print alternative.
# Posted By Mike Rende | 8/11/12 4:17 AM
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