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Hello again my dear friends.

It is with delight that I inform you of the brand spankin' new 3 GEEKS comic that will be debuting at the Baltimore Comic-Con September 27-28th as a limited "exclusive!" Yes, that's right!...A limited exclusive people! 500 copies. That's it. The comic will then be slightly altered and distributed through the normal channels, though, so fret not true believers, you will be able to nab yourselves a copy (or multiples if you're a TRUE collector) if you miss out on the exclusive.

And it's all Marc Nathan's fault! Marc runs the Baltimore show and coaxed me into bringing the boys back out of their semi-retirement by lavishing me with a free booth and hotel room and this exclusive deal. I couldn't resist.

So what's it about you ask? Well as you may have gleaned by the cover image the boys tackle the great CGC debate in this issue. To slab or not to slab?...that is the question! It's the usual madcap adventure fraught with mayhem and the typical brand of humor and hijinx you'd come to expect from The 3 Geeks.

We're also hoping to make this extra special by getting some of the 500 copies slabbed there at the con! Yeah, we're making this a fun one, folks! And just in case you're wondering if the fellas over there at the CGC are okay with this? Heh Heh Heh...who cares!!! Nah, just kidding, they're completely on board with it. Happy to report that they have wonderful senses of humor over there and are big fans of the book. Steve Borock is, sadly, no longer with CGC but has always been one of The 3 Geeks biggest supporters...he also owns about 25 pieces of original art from my books...God love 'im. Now they've got another good friend, Paul Litch, at the helm. Those are the two knuckleheads who you see adorning the cover with the boys and their nemesis, Sky Branovan. In case you were wondering.

A'ight, that's it for now I guess.

My foot's still in a cast and will be for another 4 weeks. Finally saw The Dark Knight yesterday and really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll give my two cents review in next week's column but although I did love it I still liked Iron Man better. And the one main reason I think is that Iron Man was more well-rounded. Iron Man had the one thing the The Dark Knight did There was no joy at all in The Dark Knight. Very dark, very moody. And I'm all for that but, geez, can Bruce Wayne ever be happy? even for, say, 2 minutes? And, again, all that being said I still did love this movie so don't jump all over my shit when you see me, alright?





Hey all. As you may know I've been laid up with my foot in a cast for 2 weeks the drugs (boo hoo) so the coherency is back and as a result...really bored. Been watching aloooooooooooot of television and thank Odin for the Olympics right now. Been watching about 6-8 hours a day of it and some days even more. What else am I gonna do? watch Jerry Springer (is he still on? Is he still alive?)!

So, The Olympics. Let's summarize so far...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Michael Phelps kicked royal ass and I cheered along the whole way but he's gottewn enough love already so let's focus on some of the other Olympians shall we?

Best Olympian name of the games just simply flat-out has to go to relay swimmer Liam Tancock from Great Britain. Liam TANCOCK!!! That's just awesome. I know Phelps was in that last relay for his 8th gold but a small part of me (guess which one) was pulling for Mr. Tancock.

I just wonder if it's really tan.

Best "Birds" of the games has to go to Sue Bird and Jenny Finch. Tweet tweet in this case translates to Sha-wing Sha-wing! Even my wife, Sandy, noted that Jenny Finch looked like a model. She was, in fact, purring like a kitten as she said it. I got warm.

And is it just me or do our ladies just look that much better than all the other countries ladies or what?!!! In that Olympic category we sweep and would have a 26 way tie at the top! Where do you start? Cute gymnasts, foxy swimmers, the beach volleyball players make me feel evil and then they go and show the pole vaulters that look like cover models! I've been laid up for 2 weeks, folks...aha...NOT HELPING the situation at all.

Seriously, though. Our ladies are by far the best looking besides kicking serious butt (oh I wish it were mine) in their events. Our ladies are the best athletes in the world!

Okay, now onto Badminton. Why? Seriously, this is an Olympic event but they're getting rid of Softball and Baseball after this Olympics? That's disgusting.

Been some definite scoring favoritism in the Gymnastics, as per usual, with the Chinese being the beneficiaries of said favoritism. When us layman can spot it it's one thing...I don't know technical difficulty from difficulty taking a dump (which the pain pills caused btw) but I do know what looks good and I do know that when a gymnast lands ON HER FRIGGIN' KNEES on her landing from the vault she doesn't deserve a Bronze medal!!! And when the commentators continuously make a point of saying it's "hinky" then you know it's HINKY! That's what sucks about Gymnastics and Figure Skating...the judges. The CORRUPT judges. Always been a problem and, apparently, always will be. And yet they both dominate the coverage every single time the Olympics are televised. Sigh. Whattaya gonna do?

A'ight, that's it for now.




Hey all,

Had my heel surgery on Friday to remove the very painful bone spur that was causing me severe pain for the past 8 months. Prior to that it was moments of excrutiation over the past 10 years so I think it was time for the surgery. So, did I mention that the spur was conveniently located behind the achilles tendon right on the tip of the back of the heel? And that because of this brilliant location the achilles had to be partially detached to get at the spur? And, oh yeah, did I also mention that I have these little lovelys in BOTH HEELS and that heel #2's surgery will be following soon?

Yes. The summer of Hell (I honestly just misspelled Hell as Heel...can you believe it?) continues for us here at casa Koslowski.

So, I'll be laid up for 4 weeks in a cast and then 2-4 more weeks of rehab and then onto heel #2. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!

The discomfort is unbelievable, folks. Sleeping through the night is impossible. But the pain pills are pretty darn cool. I am not a recreational drug user, and never really have been as I am all about control, but the past 2 days--and in times past for other surgeries--I must say that the pills have brought me a certain degree of, oh, shall we say...BLISS. I dig the lucid dreaming...that in-between awake and asleep place where you know you're hallucinating/dreaming and yet you can still follow the game that's playing on the tv. A fairly cool thing. So there's that. The bright side, right?

And I hope to finish my latest, and long overdue, 3 Geeks comic while I'm laid up. It's set to be an exclusive release for this year's Baltimore Comic-Con so I'm very excited about it. In this issue I'll be taking on the always controversial debate about "slabbing" comics and the CGC company. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that issue. Go to Baltimore and get your copy there!

In other news...

The Brett Favre thing. Yep. I guess it's finally over. The long, painful, irritating, shameful ordeal has finally come to a rather surreal and sad ending for us Packer fans. A Jet?! REALLY?! This is ridiculous.

Brett Favre is going to end his career as a Jet.

That's just wrong.

But whattaya gonna do. Time to move on. I'm not going to drudge it all up anymore because, frankly, I'm exhausted from it all and am just ready to move on and forward with Aaron Rodgers and plan on cheering the hell out of the guy, good or bad. It's all I can do.

A'ight, foot's starting to throb so I gotta go elevate. (and pop a couple little pillies...yaaaayyyy).




Hey all,

Well, I've ALMOST finally recovered from Comic-Con International which came to a merciful end this last Sunday July 27th. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but it seemed like the show was even MORE crowded than ever before! It's almost completely out of control how big the show's become and how many friggin' people jam into the halls...yes "halls" plural because there are at least 8 massive halls and then an almost equal amount of panel rooms on the second floor making this the most massive event in the USA and maybe the world. I kid you not. If you've been there you know, if not just try and picture about 3 football stadiums worth of showfloor space and you've got a pretty accurate idea.

Now, as in years past, there's been some pretty serious grousing that Hollywood's taken over this show--which, to be fair, it kind of sort of has--but I've gotta tell you, I'm not all that upset about it. Sure, the show's comic book roots may have taken a backseat to the ritz and glitz of the movie premieres and video games but the roots ARE still there. And what with all the major super-hero movies always coming out and being premiered there there's still that connection. And I'm not going to argue that because of the Hollywood presence the attendance has that necessarily a good thing for comic book sales? No, maybe not, but the people are there and maybe, just maybe a few of them do spend a couple bucks on comics while they are there. I honestly don't think many do but they might.

And for me, I'm there to MAKE that Hollywood connection! I'm there to sell my comics and my art to the fans, sure, but the Holy Grail for any creator like me is having our property optioned into a film, cartoon or video game, so I am thrilled to know that the Hollywood peeps are scouring the showfloor for new material! BRING THEM ON!!! And every year I do, in fact, meet them. Nothing big has happened yet, but man, as long as I keep meeting them, getting my little pinky toe in the proverbial door, then I have a chance. And that's more than I'm ever getting at ANY other con out there. ANY. OF. THEM.

So, yeah, sure...the crowd's are annoying and frenzied over the free junk that's being tossed around. I'm freaking exhausted by hour two of day one. It's near impossible to find a seat for dinner in the Gaslamp District before 9pm. Sure, yes, all of these things...But I wouldn't have it any other way! Comic-Con HAS become the new Cannes or Sundance but that's just fine with me. If the "comics" element were to disappear completely then yes, I'd be really disappointed. But I seriously doubt that'll ever happen. I know the people who run that show and I know that their hearts are still in comics. I seriously cannot fathom them letting that ever happen.

I think they've struck a realistic balance right now! If it teeters any further towards the Hollywood side we "comics folk" may be in trouble but I think they also realize this and will never let that happen.

This was my best Comic-Con since my Eisner year back in 1999. I made great sales, did a ton of sketches, met a ton of nice fans, saw old friends I only ever get to see at these cons, went to several very nice dinners, drank waaayyy too much beer, and then ended my show at the Bill Willingham party where I also had the chance to meet some DC dignitaries! Thanks to Bill Williams for the invite! And if you like Willingham's writing you MUST MUST! go check out the book that Lone Star Press ( published of his entitled PANTHEON. They just released it in a full-color trade paperback ($19.99) and I think it was Bill's finest work ever! And I love it all. So there's my plug of the show.

And I was lucky enough to be seated next to budding superstar artist Dave Crosland who was a most excellent neighbor. And one hell of a talented artist! Check out Dave's art at

A'ight! Thassit for now, folks! Comic-Con 2008 rates a solid B+ for me this year...thus far...if one of the couple connections I made comes through that B+ is gonna bump all the way up to an A+...I'll keep ya posted. Trust me.



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