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Hello, dear friends!

Holy crap, I mistakingly wrote "Hell, dear friends" first before noticing the error and correcting it! Could this be some sort of Freudian way of possibly conveying that my life is in some sort of "Hellish" state right now?


Or maybe the great demon Beelzebub momentarily channeled his evilness through me as I began this blog...yeah! And maybe it was only because I am "The Chosen One"(I am. For those who don't know I was born on Nov. 1st...All Saints Day!) that he was unable to completely possess me--even momentarily--and take over this blessed blog!

Perhaps again.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Alright then...on with the shiznit!...

Couple exciting updates for everyone out there who has been supremely intelligent enough to be following "This Blessed Blog" for the past year(ish).

First!...I am thrilled to report that my work over at Marvel Comics is coming along swimmingly! The road had a few bumps as my journey began but has significantly smoothed out since and traffic is very, very light. I'm almost ready to set the cruise control, pop in one of the most incredibly awesome traveling albums ever made--the incomparable Chris Rea "Road To Hell" album (Hey! There's the "Hell" word again!!! What the eff?!!), set my seat back a bit and just drive!

Alright, enough with the bad writing/driving analogy.

Basically, The gig's going real good right now and the story's turning out fantastic! Andrea Di Vito is handling the art chores and his work is amazing. I couldn't be happier with John Barber (my editor) assigning Andrea to this story. So please check out Marvel Comics Presents #1 which hits the stands at the end of September. In case you forgot, I'll be writing the "Weapon Omega" segment which centers on the new "Guardian" character who first appeared this last year in the pages of New Avengers.

In other news...THE LIST has generated a good deal of buzz since debuting at Comic-Con a few weeks back. Can't get too giddy yet, but hopefully there'll be good news to share on that front soon. Don't worry, if anything big happens you'll be the fifth or thirtieth to know.

I'm almost done remodeling the bathroom here at casa Koslowski and am happy to report that it looks phenomenal...and only came in $2500 over the estimated $500 we thought we'd spend!!! Woo-Hooo!

Did I mention that owning a house really blows...don't believe them when they tell you differently...they're all liars! And now we need a new friggin' roof!!! $12-14,000.00!!! Might be selling my Avengers #4 signed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to finance that friggin' ordeal. Or selling myself on the street corners...That'd be easier to swallow (no pun intended).

Other fantastical news!...Some of you have noticed recently that I've slimmed down and , is it possible?, look even more handsome lately!...I have been very focused since Stella was born 5 years ago on eating better and working out more. I've always eaten pretty well--not alot of junk food or overeating, really--but have really buckled down as of late. And I've always been an exercise fanatic. Never stopped running as a child (that's where Stella gets it fault!), got my first full weight set when I was 11, and was pretty seriously strong by the time I hit middle school. By my senior year I was bench-pressing 300 lbs free-weight and by 25 I could bench 225 pounds 25 times in a row. Then I tore my major pectoralis while trying to bench 400 lbs one day and it all went to hell (Hey?! There it is AGAIN!). I couldn't do squat (well I could "squat") after that injury and didn't work out nearly as much as I had previously...I was depressed. One of my personal lifetime goals was to achieve a bench-press of 400 lbs and I was soooo close.

Anyhoo, I put on a few pounds as I adjusted to eating the same amount of food but exercising less. I never ballooned up to a point where I looked fat by any means but I looked "big."

Since Stella being born I've slimmed down by 27 pounds! I'm under 200 for the first time since before I was married (16 years!). It's a great feeling. People have been asking how I've done it and I'll tell you my secrets right now...

1) Eat better. Yep said that. 2) Exercise. Yep mentioned that too, already. and 3) and most importantly, have a helluva (AGAIN!) lot of freakin' STRESS in your life! I think that's the real key, folks. For me anyways. Some people eat when they're stressed, I do not.

So, to recap...1) eat better, 2) exercise, and 3) stress the shit out of yourself! Oh, and, yes...I mean that part literally as that is also one of the side-effects stress has on my biology. No Bulemia needed for this guy. Nope.

I shall end on that note as I believe it so succinctly sums up another "Blessed Blog" that I so graciously espouse and eliver unto thee each and every week(ish).



WizWorld Summary

Hello True Believers!

Well, two major cons in 3 weeks and I am officially fried. And my feet still hate my ever-lovin' guts. Wizard World, Chicago was okay, I guess. Sales weren't as brisk as years past and that seemed to be the general concensus amongst my noble peers. That was also, sadly, the general concensus with those I polled at Comic-Con. A bit of a headscratcher. Perhaps it's the enormous costs to travel to these events? Gas prices? My shaving of my beard after ten years of having one? Who knows...perhaps I will never know.

Had a few laughs whilst there, though. Hung with my good pal, Jim Droese and his pack of loyal minions, Dave, Matt and two other fine lads whose names escape me right now but the laugh-filled memories never shall. The highlight of our hotel room time together was the eating of the Spam sandwich...I have just finally extradited that mysterious substance from my intestinal tract after its 3 day stay there...where God knows what long-term damage it has wrought!

I also had the distinct pleasure in meeting with my editor over at Marvel for the first time face-to-face, Mr. John Barber. Never had a chance to buy John that beer (or ten) out at the bar so I'll have to owe him on that. Sorry, John!

I couldn't believe how many people at the con knew of my gig with them and were excited for it and me. Thanks to all for stopping by and letting me know. And remember kids!...the first issue of MCP is going to be worth friggin' MILLIONS some day so stock up on copies now! I would say that, conservatively, you should all be ordering somewhere in the neighborhood of 500-1,000 copies each for the best investment opportunity possible. Conservatively!!! Feel free to order more.

Met a few crazy and hilarious chaps/fans of THE 3 GEEKS (one of whom wanted to fight me for canceling 3 GEEKS years ago...for real!) who are now putting out webcasts and dvds of their show "Hero Envy". Funny, funny stuff. Check it out if you get the chance.

I will end this short blog by saying this...I am very great. I realize this now--well, that's not entirely true...I've known it for quite some time--I am great. There is simply no need for "false modesty." False modesty rings false and most people are pretty perceptive. They don't want to see a great one like myself playing all coy and acting all modest when they thrust their compliments upon me. No, I think not. They have chosen to tell me how great I am and I think that their compliments are very well-deserved on my behalf and that their intelligent recognition should also be justly recognized with a nice, "Yes, that is true. I am great. And thank you for noticing. And kudos to you, sir (or madam), for your astute observational skills in recognizing greatness when you see it." The ones that recognize greatness need their "recognizing of" to be recognized as well! And so I deem to do this by calling it like it is and forgoing with the "false modesty."

And you're all welcome.



P.S. My book, THE LIST, has finally shipped to Diamond Comics Distributors and will hit the racks of the comic shops very soon. If you can't find them there order them off this very friggin' website. I am here for YOU!

P.P.S. Check out this nice review I just got home to...


Hi Kids!

Long time no, that was lame. Anyhoo, been kinda busy lately what with the all-consuming, all-encompassing Comic-Con International--which if any of you have gone as an exhibitor know that it completely takes over your life for the week it's on and the weeks preceeding it and following it. No lie. I'm still trying to recover from the 12 hour days, then partying at night (still part of the work!), and the walking! I kid you not when I say that in the 6 days I was there I probably walked 3-5 miles a day and stood behind the booth 90% of the time shilling my wares. My tootsies are screaming hateful diatribes at me the show they merely begged me for sweet mercy. I got my excercise there, folks.

Comic-Con has become less and less of an actual "comic book" convention every year since I first started attending 11 years ago. Now it's 60% movie companies and computer games, 10-20% various other things involving toys, t-shirts, trading cards and about 30ish% comics. Kind of sad, really. BUT! We of the comic book crowd kind of know this going in. And, even though it costs a small fortune to even set up there we go...WHY?


Hope keeps us little comic creators going. The hope that one of the many "Hollywood scouts" that attend the show take a liking to your property and see potential in it. Many a poor comic geek have become overnight sensations with one stroke of the pen! And so we go. We hemorrhage our bank accounts and stress ourselves to the point of nervous breakdowns. We smile even when our poor feet scream at us and our backs ache so bad not even 6 martinis dull the pain (I know, I tried). The hangovers don't stop us. The 100,000 people streaming by our booths with nary a glance as they frantically tromp through the showfloor looking for that oh-so-awesome and ever-so-important cardboard promotional "shield" that says "300 DVD coming July 31st!"...they actually donned these cardboard shields with pride after wondefully trampling small children to obtain them. I wonder if they fit in the overhead of the airplane?

Anyways, I gripe but it was a pretty solid showing for yours truly. My new book, THE LIST, went over very well and I managed to get it into the hands (and impress) quite a few of those aforementioned "Hollywood scouts." I even had the great pleasure of meeting, and having a nice 25 minute conversation with Frank Darabont (director of one of my "TOP TEN" favorite movies of all-time, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION) about his shoes, his latest movie (THE MIST. Another Stephen King adaptation), and my new book. I'm not trying to namedrop here, just pointing out what kind of "heavy hitters" walk the showfloor at Comic-Con and, again, why us little guys keep going. You just never know who you're going to meet and whose hands you might get your stuff into. Mr. Darabont may very well have pitched my book in the nearest trash bin--although I truly don't think so as he was a genuinely nice dude--but I never even would have had a chance in Hell of ever even dreaming of getting it into his hands had I not been there. That's why we go.

It has been said that people can survive without food for up to 30 days. Water for a week, maybe...but Hope? Without Hope we die immediately.

So, again, I hope.

Off to bed now. Just finished sealing the deal on my first MCP issue at Marvel and it rocks! And next weekend is WizardWorld, Chicago...




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