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Well, Comic-Con is over and I have (almost) recovered fully from the sensory overload. Once again it was overwhelming, inspiring, exhausting, frustrating, uplifting, intoxicating (literally) and my feet still hurt.

The highlight this year for me was the signing with Gene Simmons at the Archie booth. Kiss Alive II was the very first album I remember buying as a wee lad and immediately thereafter I was a full-fledged, card-carrying member of the Kiss Army! So, fast forward 30 some odd years later and I'm inking the Archie Meets KISS mini-series and meeting the Demon himself and signing comics together! it was, indeed, a fanboy dream come true for me.

I also had a great time seeing old friends and finding new fans for my books. It's always a tremendous feeling finding a new reader for my books--a feeling that never gets old.

Next stop is Stockton, CA on August 5th at the inaugural "StocktonCon" which is being held at the Alex G. Spanos Center/University of the Pacific. Show hours are from 10-5pm. I am one of the "Guests Of Honor" at the show, thank you very much. Here's the link if you want to check it out...

After that I believe my next con will be the Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco. And there's a new con run by former APE founder, Dan Vado, of Slave Labor Graphics this fall in San Jose as well. More details to follow on that.




Ugh!... Yeah, it's that time of year again...Loin Girding time for San Diego Comic-Con International. As I write this I am a mere 48 hours away from heading out for the 8 hour drive down. I am already tired...

Anyway, I will be set up this year at the 408 CLUB GRAPHICS booth in the Independent Publishers Pavillion--which is fancy talk for somewhere kind of in the middle of the show floor. More towards all the comic book stuff and away from the obnoxious noise down at the video game end of the floor.

I will also be doing a few signings at the Top Shelf booth and Archie Comics booth. So I hope to see some of you there! I will have all my books on hand and some new poster/prints as well. I have included one of the new poster/prints here for your perusal.

Okay, time to pack, make sure I have all my books and art and such and also to get properly fitted for the hernia belt...



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