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Hello True Believers!!! is THAT time again...the "girding of the loins" time for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con International. For those of you unfamiliar, SDCC is not just your typical Comic book convention. Nay, tis a mind-blowing event of truly epic proportions--comics, movies, toys, babes, booze and little bedrest. It's a 6 day exhausting affair and that's just if you're a fan! If you're actually working a booth you have to add mind-rending stress the likes of which you've never experienced! Sure we all have a great time at NIGHT when we're drunk off our gourds, but during the con we're fighting for our financial lives. It costs a ton to attend and set up and we need to make our nut.

Anyway, looking forward to the show and I hope those of you reading this will stop by and say hello. I will NOT be setting up in my usual Artists Alley spot this year. I have decided to just spend my time primarily at the Top Shelf booth and also do some signings at Archie's booth. AND...AND finally actually walk around and see some panels and buy some back issues! I have NOT walked the show floor in about 12 years to just BUY and ENJOY myself as a fan and this year, by CROM, I shall finally do so!

So gear up, gird those loins and get in line (it started three days ago) for the biggest, baddest con on the planet!!!

Excelsior! R


Many thanks to those who recently purchased the original art (and other fine items) I had listed on eBay the past couple weeks. I had a window in my art schedule and realized I hadn't posted anything on good ole eBay in at least 2 years!!! So I posted a few goodies and VOILA! Success! That's the good news...the bad news is that it seems that every time a few bucks trickle in we get socked with roofs caving in, flooded basements, kidney stones or in this case a Dodge Grand Caravan that's taking a total dump on us. Shocks, shock housing, oxygen sensor and/or the cadilletic convertor(sp?) have all decided to go on the fritz simultaneously.

Good times.

So I guess I'll be "eBaying" a bit more over the next few weeks so go and take a gander at the goodies. I'll have more Archie and BB Wolf original art posted as well as comics and graphic novels and more dvd sets. My ebay user ID is "poo666" if you want to find my specific items and I'll have new ones starting tomorrow, June 21st! YES!

In other news...

XMen: First Class was great! The secondary characters were a bit flat but that was our only real gripe. Great story and Magneto and Prof X were both riveting. Highly recommended. Next up is Green Lantern.




Hey-O everybody!

As I stated in my last blog I have added a bunch of new art to my website for purchase! I just added about 12 new Archie and Sonic pages including a couple covers! A few of the pages are penciled by the legendary Stan Goldberg who is, unfortunately, no longer penciling for Archie. So his pages are going to be scarce soon and highly sought after. I'll be adding more Stan G. pages in the near future.

I also posted a bunch of original Archie and Sonic pages on eBay today so go and check them out as well. My eBay user ID is poo666 (long, sad, stupid story on how I got that name.Total accident) so you can find my items if you look up my ID name. Some VERY nice pages up for sale there.

I'll be adding many more in the weeks to come!

In other news...

I am officially signed up for Comic-Con in San Diego this July and am already pooped just thinking about it. I will NOT be setting up in Artists Alley this year so look for me exclusively at the Top Shelf Productions booth or Archie Comics booth!

That's it for now!




Hidy-Ho, True believers!

It's time for some Spring Cleaning here at! So, for the next few weeks I'm discounting just about all the books, box sets, art, etc. I just dropped prices on such items as: BB Wolf Book/CD Combo; BB Wolf Box Set!; Finders Keepers; The 3 Geeks TPs; The King; Three Fingers and a whole lot more!... Isn't this exciting?!!

I'm also going to be adding a bunch of new artwork over the next few weeks (like THOR pictured above) so keep your eyes peeled. I know that I've had some old "out of stock" art up for awhile and I have no excuse other than to say it takes an awful long time to scan, post and update the site and at night, after a long day workin', I just ain't got the energy like I used's sad.

But as I said above, It's Spring Cleaning time and with Spring Cleaning comes renewed vigor and motivation so I'm going full tilt. I'll be adding new Archie pages, new originals, BB Wolf pages (award-winning BB Wolf pages that is!), and a whole lot more.

In other news...

Go Mavs! Not a big fan of Bron Bron and the spectacle that is the Miami Heat. Sorry Heat fans but that pre-season celebration still makes my teeth hurt.

Kung Fu Panda 2 was a bit of a letdown after the greatness of the first one.

What the HELL is with Michael Jordan's little Hitler mustache???? Have you seen the new Hanes' commercials where he's sporting this thing?! I know he's MJ and nobody can tell him what to do but c'mon Michael...I know you got a mirror somewhere in your Billion dollar digs...That lil stache ain't workin' dude. Yeesh!

John Rich! That dude's got his shit straight. We don't watch any "reality tv" but we got into Celebrity Apprentice last season and cheered on Brett Michaels and, again, this year The Donald got it right! From week 2 we pegged John Rich as the savviest of the bunch and predicted that he'd be the winner. He was smart, diplomatic, honest and the hardest working one in the bunch. Well done Donald for picking the right contestant.

A'ight, go check out the sale items and buy lots o shit.



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