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Greetings, True Believers!

Off to San Jose for the BIG WOW! COMIC FEST this weekend. I will be set up at a booth selling my goodies and also repping my publisher, Top Shelf, so I'll have their line of books available as well.

I've also got all kinds of new art for sale and some previews of upcoming projects! So make sure to stop over and check it all out (and buy ridiculous amounts of stuff!).

In other news...

I saw THE AVENGERS last week and all my hopes and dreams as a lifelong Avengers fan came true! Thanks to everyone involved in bringing that comic book to life. The script was superb, the dialogue smart and funny, and the actors ALL nailed their parts! We walked away from that movie so completely satisfied we were actually at a loss for words. Best super-hero movie ever made? Yeah, certainly was the most fun. Iron Man and Dark Knight are certainly just as good if not better, but it's the old "Apples and Oranges" argument. Avengers trumped the other two in all-out fun action for sure.

I have to give Marvel a lot of credit for setting up all the previous films and leading into this one as well as they did...and now, hopefully, carrying them all forward. The teaser (not gonna blow it here, don't fret) at the end of Avengers actually had me saying, "Holy shit..." under my breath at the ned as well. "Under my breath" I said, Stella was sitting next to me.

And the previews for the new Batman and Prometheus have me excited for their releases. Could be a summer of some seriously kick-ass films!

And on that note!... The screenplay for my illustrated novel, THE LIST, is in the can! After almost 2 years of developing the project, getting it all prettied up, our team has it ready to present to the "powers that be." So, hopefully, THE LIST will be a movie that will have a lot of you excited to see very soon.

This also means that a newly published edition of the long-out-of-print book will be available very soon as well. Stay tuned!

Okay, off to San Jose!... Do you know the way?!...If not please see Ms Dionne Warwick.



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