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Hello faithful blog readers,

It has been some time since I have regaled you with my magnificent movie reviews. So, as a public service, I shall now proceed to give you this useful (and tax free) advice...

KICK ASS!...Kick Ass kicked ass. 'Nuff said. Nah, I'd like to be all cool and succinct and all but that's not really a review is it? Okay, here goes...I read the comic series and really liked it a lot. Mark Millar is one of my current favorite writers in mainstream comics and John Romita Jr.'s art on the series is absolutely phenomenal. The comic is brutal, hilarious, gripping and realistic enough--while all at once completely absurd--to make it one of my top ten picks of 2009. So, when I heard the movie was on the horizon I actually thought, "this could work." Usually I'm kinda pessimistic when it comes to comic adaptations (although they have been steadily getting better over the past 5-6 years). But with KICK ASS and no need to have an overly HUGE budget, I really thought this adaptation had a shot. Absolutely right it did! The movie remains true to the comic in almost every sense (except the guy getting the girl in the end. I preferred the comic version) and with the ability to add sound, and the most, dare I say it again?...yes, I dare...the most KICK ASS soundtrack in any movie I've ever seen, they've actually improved upon the original product! They did what film is supposed to do...transform and transcend the original! The violence and mayhem is a given, right? That's kind of what the comic was all about...But then they went and added that brilliant soundtrack!!!...Sandy and I watched with giggling glee as we witnessed dozens of hoodlums dissected and vivisected in every way imaginable because the music they set to these brutal scenes was so utterly perfect in it's proposterousness! (Is that a word?)

And the acting was superb. The humor pitch perfect. And it was one of Nicolas Cage's "great" movies. Every one out of about 6 he scores and this is definitely one of them, folks.

KICK ASS...Grade A

IRON MAN 2. Not as good as Iron Man 1. Nor as good as Kick ass. But still, we enjoyed it. The overall flow of this sequel was a bit "clunky." The story a bit disjointed I felt. Much like the beginning of this review, eh?

Okay, Robert Downey, Jr. was great again as Iron Man/Tony Stark. The rest of the cast all acted well too. No problems there. But they tried to do too much with too many villains and too many good guys in this one. And do they all have to wear Iron suits? They did that in the first one and now they did it again in this one only ten-fold. There was, like, 36 Iron Dudes in this one! Mickey Rourke/Whiplash wasn't developed enough. Kind of a sidebar to the whole film, actually, and a wasted character. Justin Hammer was okay, but too sniveling. Black Widow and Nick Fury were fairly inconsequential...just too many characters vying for screen time.

And they went back to the well again with Stark's heart problem! Didn't we just see that in the first film? Yeah, yeah, I know...different reason this time that's killing him...I GET it, okay? But it still had the same exact feel as film #1.

IRON MAN 2...Grade C+/B-. We liked it, just didn't love it like the first one.

NOW! If you want to see an A+++ flick go out and rent THE PRESTIGE! Flat out brilliant movie by Batman: Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. This was his follow-up to another favorite of mine, MEMENTO. The Prestige stars Christian Bale (yes, Dark Knight) and Hugh Jackman (yes, Wolverine) along with veteran actor, Michael Caine who plays the two's mentor in all things magic! It's a period piece that takes a gripping look at the world of magic and it's intense performers at the turn-of-the-century. And, of course, as you'd expect from Christopher Nolan, you get a little bit more in the way of unexpected twists and turns. This is one of the most complex, brilliant, well-acted movies I've ever had the pleasure of watching. And pay attention to every thing you see!...the ending is going to knock you on your ass!

And when it's over?...I guarantee you'll want to watch it again immediately to pick up all the clues you missed the first go 'round.

Another film I'm going to highly recommend is an indy film called INK. A friend of mine and 3 GEEKS fan, Matt Simmons, was kind enough to send me an autographed copy awhile back with his personal guarantee that I dig it. Matt was correct. As original a concept and execution of any film I've ever seen. And from what I understand they did this movie with a budget of around 250K!!! Believe me, when you see it you'll be as astounded as I was. This looks "big budget" my friends...the special effects are flawless. Directed (and I believe written) by Jamin Winans the film explores what happens to people when they sleep and how opposing forces fight for our souls as we do so. There is one tortured soul in particular that the action/story centers on, and again, the ending will knock you for a loop. It started out confusing, but you just have to give it 15 minutes. Once you settle in for the long haul every piece of this magnificent puzzle starts falling into beautiful place.

And it's a cast of relative unknowns from the Colorado area I understand (correct me if that's untrue) and I'd have never guessed it. The lead actor is fantastic! All the actors are very solid in fact. Top to bottom a great sci-fi film.

INK...Grade B+

In other news...Going to record the BB WOLF AND THE 3 L.P.S soundtrack soon! Seriously! The cd will be limited edition and included in a "BB WOLF Box Set" that JD Arnold (writer) and I are putting together. In the box set will be: The book, 2 shot glasses (2 different designs), 3 coasters (all different designs), the music cd with three "original" BB recordings from the 1930s (the "lost tracks" if you will), and a limited signed art print! And wait'll you see the friggin' box this set comes in!!! A piece of art all and unto itself lemme tell ya! We've got a local engraver/designer creating these beauties and we couldn't be more delighted.

So stay tuned. We just got word the book is "on the ship" from China as I write this so all the pieces are falling into place and the book will be available very soon! And by the time Comic-Con's here we'll be rockin' and a rollin' with all things BB WOLF!



wayne beamer's Gravatar So, you captains of industry, how much is the "boxed set" of your latest publishing venture?
# Posted By wayne beamer | 5/20/10 8:04 AM
Matt's Gravatar Rich,
Glad to hear that you liked Ink.
Jamin Winans did the writing/directing/most of the editing and also wrote the soundtrack. Aside from you, maybe the most talented guy that I know!

Be sure to to set aside one of those uber cool BBWolf soundtrack sets for me!
# Posted By Matt | 5/21/10 2:28 PM
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