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Hey all,

Hope you're all enjoying (or are going to) your Memorial Day weekends. And let's not forget who the weekend's memorializing as we down the burgers and beers.

Okay, I did my preaching, now onto other news!...

As some of you may have gleaned from previous blogs we are looking to move. This winter finally broke the proverbial back...almost literally with all the shoveling. And so we're selling just about everything to lighten the load and beef up the slush fund. Furniture, house, everything!...

Yes, gasp!, I'm even unloading the most premium comics in my collection. Actually I'm unloading just about the whole darn thing! It saddens me, sure, but I can't hold onto them forever and if it means making the move possible, so be it, I'm at peace with it.

Anyway, I'm listing stuff on good ole eBay so if you get a chance take a look. My "seller ID" is poo666. Yes, poo666. "Poo" as in crap and "666" as in the Devil! I thought it was my password when I enrolled (an easy one to remember I thought) in eBay not my userID name. I was nervous and confused, okay?! And then I was afraid to change it after spending the 8 friggin' hours filling in all the friggin' information so I just left it! It's ended up working out alright, though, as people seem to remember it. So, whatever, all good.

So that's it for this week. Just announcing my super-sale and wishing you all a nice weekend.




Sometimes it's the little things in life that make you smile and remind you what's important. There are far too many days when I'm feeling blue wondering if I've chosen the right path professionally or made the right decisions about this or that and how it may affect our futures as a family. And then something happens that puts it all in occurance, a comment, an observation, a realization...or perhaps the simple but very kind words of your six-year-old daughter.

"Daddy," she said after returning from the bathroom with a copy of my last book, The List (she asked if she could bring it in there while she did her duty much to my surprise as she can't fully read yet and if she could I wouldn't let her read that quite yet! But anyway, I digress greatly, back to the point I was trying to make...) "Daddy," she said "...I would like to use the money I have in my piggy banks to buy your book you made."

I can't begin to describe the joy I felt hearing her say that.

"Oh, honey! That's can have a copy for free!" I said with a huge grin as she stood there holding the book out in front of her. She smiled back, clutching the book to her chest, as I patted her affectionately on her head.

A million sales would be great! But NO sale will ever be sweeter.




Hey all,

This week I'm going to do you all a huge favor and you can then show your appreciation by sending me envelopes filled with cold hard cash. Trust me, you'll want to after taking this next little piece of advice.


No, I meant it...If you're still reading this you effed up, man. Go see the movie then come back and read the rest of this blog.

Okay? You back? Awesome! Wasn't that unreal? I've seen a lot of super-hero or comic book based movie adaptations and this was easily the best of the bunch. Was it not? Okay, here's what I know you'll agree made this movie so utterly kick-ass. Here we go...

1) Robert Downey, Jr. Three four years ago I was as fed up with this guy as the rest of us normal "work our asses off to pay the bills" working joes. I was sick and tired of seeing that mussed up, dark circles under the eyes loser in front of the judge getting yet another "last chance" to clean himself up. I really wanted him to just go away...get thrown in the slammer and never hear from the loser again. And I think a lot of you felt the same way.

And yet...

Yeah, dammit, and yet...God Dang myself I couldn't deny I loved the way the guy acted. His talent couldn't be denied. His roles in Wonder Boys and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang not to mention just about every-friggin-thing-else he's ever been in have been nothing short of spectacular. Yep, the drug user and multi-abuser definitely always had the good when it came to his acting.

Yep, so when he was cast as Tony Stark/Iron Man, yep, I couldn't help but get excited. I knew he'd be perfect for the role. After all, Tony Stark is an alcoholic. Yep, in the comics series he's an alcoholic in case you don't read the books (and you really should). One of the brilliant things Marvel Comics did with the character to give him the patented "Marvel Flaw" that made the character more human. And, apparently, casting Downey was another sign of brilliance if only to have an actor that could relate on that level with the comic character!

Damn! I couldn't help but shake my head at the brilliance of this casting decision.

Then you find out he's been clean for the past 3 years on top of it! Crap! Could he really FINALLY have learned his lesson after all the fugg ups of the past 20ish years?!! Now I have to applaud the casting decision and Downey himself. It's all good.

And, yep again, the brilliant, now sober actor nailed the part better than anyone else on the planet could have ever hoped to have done. Grade: A+!! He had the charisma, charm, swagger, good looks, smarts, clever quips and delivery only he seems to have--that answering a person's question but really talking to himself thing he does so freaking well!--and the vulnerability necessary to make Tony Stark and thereby Iron Man HUMAN. Just like in the comics and just the reason the character succeeded in the first place.

So, 1) Robert Downey, Jr.

2) Jon Favreau, director. Always liked him as an actor and have grown to really appreciate him as a director. He seems to also have that "everyman" likeability as an actor in the roles he's played (Friends, Made) and a great sense of what works on the screen when he directs. Go rent the underrated Zathura and you'll see the film that preceded Iron Man and probably sealed the deal on landing this gig. Zathura demonstrated he knew how to pull of an action/adventure movie without entirely relying on special effects like so many directors seem to do in these CGI laden days of film making. He understands pacing and humor and characterization as vital elements in making a film. This movie will plant him firmly now on the A-list of Hollywood directors and deservedly so! Grade: Another A+!!

3) The story. Don't know offhand who wrote this puppy but they did a bang-up job. They kept it true to the comic's rich history while making the right updates in making it relevant...i.e. Instead of Stark being held prisoner during the Viet Nam war he's now being held by Afghan terrorists. They also tuned a very nice little trick with Tony Stark's "heart problem" he always had to deal with in the comics. They took an element that was always rather simple and gave it a nice, techno twist that also tied in with the overall plot of the film. Very tight scripting. Funny, smart, great action sequences, dialogue, everything!

The only minor quibble I had was when Tony Stark had his revelation--his realization that being a weapons manufacturer was bad--that the transition into turning the revelation into a suit of armor wasn't fully explained enough. Yeah, I got it, he made the suit and eventually used it to right his own wrongs, yes...I got that. But they took us from his saying he wanted to work on his ground-breaking energy source to help mankind to all of a sudden making the suit! It was a quick transition and the "making of the suit part" didn't make sense at the time/wasn't fully explained enough. "Why would he make this thing to convert/store/emit the energy?"

Anyway, it was a minor quibble. Writing still kicked total ass. Grade: A.

4) Supporting cast. All exceptional actors. Terrance Howard, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow. All-star cast and an all-star job. Grade: A.

5) Everything else under the sun. The day was nice, the timing right (was having a craptastic couple weeks being under the weather with horrible cold/flu/throat crap), the popcorn was delicious, the theatre not crowded (go to Tuesday matinees people), the cushy oversized seats (IPIC Theatres rock! Lucky to have the first one in the friggin' country here just 3 miles from my house! Take that you bastards! HA!) and Sandy (my wife) also loved the film and agreed with me on all the reasons why it was so damn great! It's really nice to be right and know you're right and then have someone tell you you're I right?!

Yeah, I'm right.

And you, of course, know this because you immediately went and saw the movie after I told you to twelve paragraphs ago, right?





Hey all. Sorry but this one's gonna be short and boring as hell. I am sick. Sandy is sick. And poor little Stella is really sick! In fact we had to rush her to the emergency room last night at 11:30 PM and were there until 1:45 AM. What we thought was just a common cold with a slight fever (we had her home all week from school) evolved into a frightening episode last night of her shaking/shivering uncontrollably and screaming in pain at some cramps in her legs. So we rushed to the hospital where we waited, and waited, and waited....meanwhile I walk her around comforting her as she falls asleep on my shoulder from exhaustion. She then wakes up 10 minutes later and pukes all over me. Now we're really freaked out and, needless to say, pretty grossed out as well.

Well, turns out her cold evolved into a pretty serious ear infection that just turned her whole system topsy-turvy. We had actually suspected an ear infection the day before because she said her ear ached whenever she sneezed or burped but then it seemed to go away. The fever would go away as well. So we didn't pull the trigger on taking her to her doctor on Tuesday like we had planned on Monday.

Lesson learned.

If you suspect an ear infection with your kid take them right away, man. It's pretty prevalent with little kids when they get bad colds because their ear canals are narrower than an adults--they get clogged by the mucus in the nasal passage and then the goop gets stuck there and voila! ear infection!

So, not alot of sleep here lately with that and us being sick as well. Hence, this boring blog. Please forgive me.



P.S. Our softball team did have it's debut yesterday before the mayhem late last night and we pulled off an exciting 14-12 win. Just thought you'd all like to know that.

P.P.S. My heel is still friggin' killing me...did you know I have horrible bone spurs? Yep, fun stuff. Surgery this Fall.

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