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WOW! Long time between blogs!

I wonder if anyone's still out there???

It has been faaarrr too long since my last blog entry. Been tremendously busy since opening our new store, ART SUPPLIES, INK., last year. Yep, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary just last week! It has been a very busy, very exhausting year, as, along with running the new store and all the stresses that entails, I also maintained my Archie Comics Inking duties, published and co-wrote/illustrtaed 3 issues of Zombies vs Cheerleaders, and coached my daughter's soccer and basketball teams. And then threw in a few conventions for kicks--as I am a glutton for punishment apparently. Oh yeah, I've also been adapting one of my books into a screenplay. Almost forgot that. There was an offer recently from a Hollywood studio on one of my properties and I am working to develop something on that henceforth... Yes, I must remain vague for the time being on that. Sorry. But it's pretty exciting...

Anyway, not too much spare time this past year. I'm hoping things start to settle down here shortly so I can get to some of the other writing and illustrating of new books I've had on the backburner for far too long. There are so many that have sat idle for far too long.

I'll be at the usual cons this summer: San Diego Comic-Con, of course! The biggest, baddest con on the planet! I'll be holding my own over there in Artists Alley again. So look for me there. I'm also going to be attending the terrific Big Wow! Con in San Jose next month and the Stockton-Con in Stockton, CA. run by Mike Millerick this summer. Mike has managed, in just 2 years, to put together one of the best cons I've ever attended. And I also plan on making my usual appearance at APE this fall. Love that show.

Okay, burning the midnight oil here at the shop...oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that above!... I'm working on character designs for Novelist Russ Colchamiro's new novel CROSSLINE. What was that I said above about being a "glutton"?...



Mike Rende's Gravatar That's one crazy year! Definitely looking forward to new books by you if/when things calm down. They're always worth the wait.
# Posted By Mike Rende | 3/17/14 11:19 AM
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