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ZOMBIES vs CHEERLEADERS #1 on sale now!

It is here! The first issue of ZOMBIES vs CHEERLEADERS is in stores and available on the website at last! We have four of the five covers available with Cover A having the most inventory, Covers B & C half that and Cover D being very rare.

Issue #2 will be out in May so stay tuned for more...




Yessiree! I'm completely pooped. 45 maybe isn't the most ideal time in one's life to start up a new business venture...oh wait, I'm sorry, TWO business ventures simultaneously!...the Art Supplies, Ink. store and publishing the Zombies vs Cheerleaders comic book. So, yeah, kinda tired, kinds totally stressed. But "pressure makes diamonds" I've heard so I'm headed for about a 2,000 karat!

Anyway, stress and fatigue aside, both endeavors are moving onward and slowly upward! We've been in business at the store 6 weeks now and more and more people find us everyday. The Grand Opening event last weekend was tremendous! And the all-new #1 issue of Zombies vs Cheerleaders shipped from the printer last week so look for it soon at your local comics shop. If you can't find it there I'll have them posted for sale in the next few days. Fret not, we'll get you your ZvC fix!

Stella celebrated her 11th birthday last week! She continues to make me the proudest dad on the planet. And Sandy celebrated her 46th a few days earlier. She continues to aggravate the hell out of me. Sigh, whatchya gonna do?

In other news...I'll be at the Big Wow! Comics Fest in San Jose May 18-19th so get to that con if you can. It's become a fantastic show, I highly recommend attending. Steve Wyatt give an A+ effort making his attendees and exhibitors happy.

All right, that's it for now...must sleep.



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