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Hey Kids!

A quick announcement that I'll be setting up in Artist's Alley at Wondercon this weekend, April 2-4th. I gots lots o' cool stuff this show--tons of new artwork and prints that are sure to dazzle the living hell out of you...and that's a good thing, right?...having the "living HELL dazzled out of you." I'd sure think so. SO, you'll not only be seeing some cool art but gettin' some good old fashioned religion when you stop by.

WonderCon will be the first con that I'll also be selling the new art from the upcoming graphic novel BB Wolf And The Three LPs. Again, dazzled. Again, Hell out of you.

In other news... I got nuthin'. Too tired from working all night and day these past couple weeks making deadlines and working on this new--HOLY SHIZNIT! I DO have news! Sheesh, I'm so wiped out I almost forgot some HUGE news! New, full-color 3 GEEKS story! SHAZAM!!! Yep, I was invited to participate in the upcoming "ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS" comic that'll be published by Moonstone Comics and 5Finity Productions. I'm doing a 12 page story and I'll also be doing one of the covers (I guess there'll be a couple variants). And I'm thrilled to report that it looks suh-WEET! And it's also pretty darn hysterical. So I'll keep you posted for official release dates and all but I know that it will be available before Comic-Con International.

A'ight, thassit for today. Must sleepy.



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