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The first ever IMAGE COMICS EXPO was a rousing success. While Friday and Sunday were a tad slow and the crowd sparse Saturday more than made up for it. Big crowd, good sales coupled with the fact that the show was well-organized, great site (and clean bathrooms!), friendly con staff and great neighbors all around me. Stella was also able to nab the table right next to mine and she sold quite a few pieces of her original art so she had a great weekend!

I was also able to talk with a couple publishers and it's looking very promising for a couple big projects I've been chomping at the bit to get going on. Stay tuned!

All-in-all it was a solid 6 out of 10 which I consider to be tremendous for a first time show. I'd definitely go back next year should they do it again.

Another highlight of the show was the dinner on the way out of town. We visited local legend, Chicken and Waffles, and the food was so scrumptious and comforting after an exhausting weekend it was just a great way to end the weekend in Oakland.

And so in a could more weeks I'm off to WonderCon in Anaheim. Yup, the same WonderCon that the Image folks replaced up in the Bay area. They have, temporarily, relocated this year in Anaheim because they couldn't get a big enough convention space in San Francisco this year. So we're looking forward to WC as the last couple trips there were terrific for me. I'll be manning the Top Shelf booth again this year so make sure to stop on by. Don't tell the pubs but I'll be making ridiculous deals! And, of course, besides all the fantastic TS books (mine included of course) I will also have a nice selection of my other books and original artwork for sale.

In other news...

Thanks to Justified and The Walking Dead for giving us something to look forward to watching again. Justified has been very solid so far this new season and remains our favorite show of the past three years. If you have yet to jump on board do yourself a favor and go rent season 1. The Walking Dead has become a bit stale. They really need to get off that damn farm. Move. On. We definitely need a serious change of scenery here, folks. Part of the fun of "Zombie survival fantasy" is seeing how people adapt and overcome. They've been nestled in there too long too comfortably. And that's why we're getting so much damn bickering between them. Seems that that's all they do now is bicker. I know it's the Zombie apocalypse but c'mon, there'd be the occasional moment of triumph...of levity. Give us some levity for god's sakes, writers.

In other news...

Best comics of late... Journey Into Mystery has been the best, most consistent Marvel comic the past year. I have canceled anything with Avengers on the title after decades of never missing an issue as that title has failed miserably by becoming the most bloated and boring comic since the X-Men went horribly awry with tangential titles in the 90s. So JIM has been the most pleasant of surprises. Truly terrific writing! And, hey, some levity!

I'm also liking Batwoman by DC. I haven't collected much DC in the past few years but since Marvel's been losing it lately with all their shameless "event" crossovers I'm looking elsewhere for new series to follow. And BW has been a nice new "must read" for me.

And, of course, I continue to scour the great independent publishers for the best our medium has to offer. Drawn & Quarterly NEVER fails me as a publisher. They continue to set the standard for excellence in graphic novels. IDW has also been consistently producing high quality reads.

Okay, I should...SHOULD have some pretty exciting news in the next month so stay tuned. I know you haven't seen a new BIG project from me in awhile and there's a reason for it. I've been working hard on developing a few new projects and, after a couple years, it looks like a couple are coming to fruition...and if they do come to fruition they are going to be HUGE.

I will leave you with that teaser.




Hello true believers!

Tomorrow marks the first day of the first ever IMAGE COMICS EXPO located at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, CA. I shall be there with all my Image back issues and other books, original art, and sunny disposition. So if you're in the Oakland area please stop in and check it out. Image was pretty smart stepping in in the absence of WonderCon's presence in the Bay area this year so I'm hoping they get a good turnout.

There will also be a pretty cool panel on THE WALKING DEAD that I'm hoping I can get away from the booth to see myself.

And it appears that all the Image founders will be attending as well. So that's pretty cool, eh?

The show runs Friday (3pm-8pm), Saturday (10-6) and Sunday (10-5).

See you there!



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