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Yep, still riding high from the big SuperBowl victory for the Packers in case anyone's wondering. Kudos to the Pack, their fantastic management, the coaches and Aaron Rodgers for persevering through all the QB tumult the past 5-6 years. I would hope that this forever puts to rest the big controversy/debate over letting a certain someone "retire" a few years back. Looks like it turned out for the best, eh?

Okay, now that that's done I have some rather exciting news regarding BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS. We (meaning the book and me and JD, the creators) have just found out that we've been nominated for four GLYPH Awards! We're up for the following categories..."Story Of The Year" "Best Writer" "Best Artist" and "Best Male Character." Very, very cool. And for those of you unfamiliar with the Glyph Awards, the Glyphs recognize achievement for creators and books that significantly represent African American culture in some way.

So JD and I and Top Shelf are very honored by these nominations. The awards will be handed out May 20th in Philadelphia, PA.

We're also asking anyone out there to please consider BB Wolf, JD and myself when you're filling out/voting for this year's HARVEY AWARDS and the EAGLE AWARDS. And, fingers crossed, we're hoping for some EISNER and IGNATZ nods as well. More often than not these books we do are labors of love...there usually isn't great monetary reward in the book business so when we are recognized with award nominations from our peers like this it really does feel nice.

As our publisher Chris Staros said some time back, we do it "FOR THE GLORY!!!"

In other pretty cool news...My graphic novel, THREE FINGERS, just inked a deal with a publisher in Poland! Very cool. Always a nice little "feather in the cap" when a foreign edition comes out.

In other VERY cool news...Daughter Stella has finally conquered the two-wheel bicycle! Three 20 minute sessions over three days and she's riding around like Lance Armstrong! Another proud Papa moment.




Hello all,

It is "For Your Consideration" time. The Harvey Awards have opened up their selection process for the 2011 awards. If you liked BB Wolf And The Three LPS JD and I would sure appreciate your consideration for any of the eligible categories. The book would qualify in several categories including, "BEST ORIGINAL GRAPHIC ALBUM" "BEST WRITER (JD Arnold)" "BEST ARTIST (Rich Koslowski)""BEST SINGLE ISSUE OR STORY" "BEST NEW TALENT (JD Arnold)" and maybe a few others.

As always, if we were to win the drinks at the bar afterward would be on me! My standing commitment to you, the voters. I don't ask for votes without paying back my constituents you know!

Here's the link to the Harvey website where you can download a ballot.

Oh, and have fun! It is actually a fun thing to do for fans and gives us a chance to voice our opinions and recognize our favorite books each year. If you've never done it before FOR SHAME.




I would be remiss if I didn't add a "Best and Worst" in a few other categories I stupidly neglected last week...

Best Burger: Okay, we moved from Milwaukee, WI to Santa Cruz, CA a while back and finding a comparable burger to the ones we were used to mowing down took some doing (pizza too! Lotta crappy pizza here! Florida too, whassup with that?!). But we finally found a few good places to get a good burger. Betty's Burgers, Aptos Burger Company and Burger. to name a few. But the best burgers in Santa Cruz county (that we've found so far) belong to COLES BBQ and BITTERSWEET BISTRO. Delectable!!! BTW the best burgers in Milwaukee (and there are a lot of them!) go to CULVERS (best burger chain anywhere! Take a cue from them all you other fast food burger joints! You're not anywhere in their league!) and TRINITY (Irish pub in Downtown Milwaukee--get the "Other Burger" Best in the world!)

Honorable Mention must go out to the BBQ joints in the area out here though. While it was tough to find a good burger or pizza for a long time there's no shortage of great BBQ! The aforementioned Coles does a good job but two even better BBQ joints are SMOQE and APTOS STREET BBQ right down the road from our house. Their pulled pork and Tri Tip sandwiches are dazzling!

Worst Burger: Well if any of you read my blog a couple months back you know it is hands down the Dairy Queen Mushroom & Swiss puker! God awful piece of garbage that they should be run out of business over. For shame DQ...For shame.

Best Wine: Man! Since we've moved to CA we have really gotten into touring all the wineries. A LOT of fun and we were STUNNED by how many quality wines are produced right here in Santa Cruz! There are over 200 in the Santa Cruz area! The best we've encountered so far has to be WINDY OAKS Pinot though. It's really shocking when you tout winery after winery and encounter so many fantastic wines that are all fairly equal in their quality but then taste one that's noticeably better! That's what happened when we tried Windy Oaks.

Best Comic Book 2010: Well, it's obviously BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS. I mean really! But there were a few notable runner ups. I discovered BLACKSAD by Dark Horse this year, and although it is a reprint of the foreign edition the collection was in 2010 and bears mentioning as it's some of the most amazing artwork I've ever seen. makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing even picking up a pencil it's that good! I also enjoyed seeing THOR finally get his due after decades of being a second class hero over at Marvel. He's always been one of my favorite characters and I'm glad to see his comics doing so well and being handled so well.

Worst Comic Book: I'm a a HUGE Avengers fan and Bendis fan but enough's enough already. The whole Avengers Disassembled/Civil War/Secret Invasion/Blah Blah Blah thing has gone on long enough! What'd that take to "wrap up"? 5? 7? Ten years? (Is it wrapped up yet? I can't honestly remember? What?...NO?...Okay, I guess it's still running) And how many issues and crossovers etc. did it encompass? By Crom who can afford to buy all the individual issues? Certainly not me. And the fine folks over at DC went and were almost as bad with their own massive "Event" book Blackest Night. I couldn't afford to follow both so I went Avengers as a lifelong fan but from what I've heard I didn't miss much with Blackest Night/Brightest Day/Foggy Week/Somewhat Rainy Year...which is still going I guess?...Izzat right?

Best Music: After we saw the great movie Crazy Heart with the great Jeff Bridges I had to buy the album! Awesome stuff and Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell can sing!!! Very nice surprise. Anyway, the real star here is someone I'd never heard of before but instantly placed right up there with all my favorites...RYAN BINGHAM. His song from Crazy Heart "The Weary Kind" one the Oscar for Best Song and it's a well-deserved win I can assure any of you who haven't heard it. Americana at its best--soulful, lyrical, emotional, sparse, evocative and masterful use of instruments! I love picking out the cello, kettle drums and other various instruments that they use.

Anyway, Ryan Bingham, folks. After buying the CH soundtrack I immediately went out and purchased more Ryan Bingham and have enjoyed all of it immensely.

Okay, onto the SUPERBOWL!!! YES! The Green Bay Packers have made it by winning three straight must win road games. Unreal! I would think that anyone with even half a brain must by now realize that Aaron Rodgers is as good a quarterback as Brett Favre ever was. And only time will tell if he ends up being even better. He may not achieve some of Favre's records due to his amazing longevity, but on a per game basis, by the numbers he will stack up. And I'm going to go out on a line here and guess we'll get less than one one-hundredth the drama from Rodgers.

So they're up against the Steelers and my runner-up for Worst Athlete of the year Ben Douchelessberger. I would hope everyone (even Steelers diehards) has the sense to root against this a-hole. Maybe not all of his teammates but at least him.

So I am, of course, hoping the Packers win and I think they have a great chance. Great QB, coach and offense and defense but their one major weakness is the Special Teams. If they can play even average the Packers win 27-21. If the Packers lose it'll be because of their Special Teams.

Alright, that's it for this blog. I've finally ended my Holiday Sale on some of the items on the website but have kept a few at the reduced prices just because I'm that nice of a fella. Thanks to all who ordered goodies over the holidays and I hope you liked whatever it was you purchased.



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