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Hey True Believers!

Well, it has finally come! The moment that Johnnie (JD) Arnold and I have been patiently waiting over 2 years for!...wait for it...Yes, it is true, the official Diamond Previews catalogue now lists (thereby proving the existence of) our new graphic novel BB WOLF AND THE 3 LPS!!! HOO-freaking-RAH!!! Seriously, I am thrilled, so poor old Johnnie is literally busting a nut over this as it's his first book. Help him bust the other nut by ordering your copy now!

Also re-listed in the very same catalogue is the long awaited 2nd printing of my book THREE FINGERS and also the 2nd GN I did with Top Shelf, THE KING! I believe we've done a sweet reboot of the cover design for THREE FINGERS and I'm told it's a hardcover this go 'round. Kinda very cool, no?

So go out to your local comic shop, grab the Previews Catalogue, let your little fingers do the walkin' to the Top Shelf Productions section, scan down to our books; BB Wolf and the 3 LPs, Three Fingers and The King and then fill out your order forms, by CROM!!! A small note! The BB WOLF book is listed at $14.95 and it's actually $12.95. A minor error in the listing, but hey! you've already saved 2 bucks! Suh-weet!

Maybe even order a few copies of each...what the hell. They make swell birthday or Christmas presents.

Here's an advance review from the very awesome comic book talent Greg Ruth...

Hey Johnnie-

Allright! I FINALLY carved out some time late last night and read your book. I didn't want to do it piecemeal, but rather try to swallow it whole and approach it that way. Despite the three chapter breaks , it is indeed a whole tale and singular I think.

That said- I really loved this! There's a naturalness to the way the story is told through the words and pictures that create something greater than it's parts. It does what comics should do strive for at the least: make us forget we're observing words and images separately and make us experience the tale forgetting both. This is not to say the art or writing is at all forgettable. Mr. Arnold's accented prose strikes a relentless tempo that grabs you by the ears and refuses to let go. Mr. Koslowski's confident and energetically rendered panels fill out the world and express so much more in undertone that respects both the story it's there to tell, and captures the reader's attention, clearly and rewardingly. In a time where gimmicky high-concept twists and turns are everywhere and empty in soul, this one keeps to a determined truth with overwhelming force. There's a grit and deeper truth being expressed here not despite the animalistic fairy-tale structure, but because of it. Subjects like race violence, corruption and injustice are constantly leaning toward polemics, which let's face it, no one really wants to read. But by approaching a moral loss in our history, through the story of the three-little pigs, this lushly painted graphic novel accomplishes something much more interesting. Sometimes obscuring the approach to a truth can strengthen its impact, and I think that's done marvelously here. Good comics need to be very well written and expertly drafted to get me to finish them, and I never put this one down for an instant until I was done. It's such a rare treat to find a collaboration of such equal merit, and value and it makes reading this book pure pleasure indeed. Great stuff- and hats off to everyone involved.

g online portfolio

On that note I can only say...



Mike's Gravatar I really wish this would have been out before C2E2 in April! It would have been the first item in my Top Shelf purchase...I guess I can wait the few extra weeks though...
# Posted By Mike | 3/9/10 10:45 AM
brad weber's Gravatar I'm already sold. Dig the cover. Reminiscent of Christopher Bing's "distressed Moroccan leather" looks for Little Black Sambo and Lincoln Shot, both excellent books. I expect nothing less from yours. Save me a copy for Wizard World Chicago!
# Posted By brad weber | 3/10/10 11:23 PM
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