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Howdy folks!

Well, didn't know what to expect from my trip to the New York Comic-Con last week but am happy to report that the trip went swimmingly--had some laughs, many beers, ate like a king, sold some books, met some peeps, and spent my weekend there with the most excellent host, Russ Colchamiro who is presently pimpin' his first novel FINDERS KEEPERS (which yours truly helped edit!).

The show impressed me quite a bit and I'd definitely recommend it to the fans. Well-organized, well laid out as far as the show floor and a HUGE attendance! Plus, you really can't go wrong with "things to do after the con" in NY can you? And the weather was cooperative! Thursday night before the show was brutally cold but then we got some Odin-like (or I should say Thor maybe) relief granted over the weekend with the temps actually soaring into the high 40s low 50s! This was a concern of mine having the show in February--and a lot of other people. I guess they're moving the show to October for 2010 so the weather shouldn't be as big a factor.

A shout out to my pals that run the Minnesota Fallcon, too! Nick and Brian run that show and Russ and I went out and hit the town with them Saturday night...I just recovered yesterday. Nick is just about the funniest guy I've ever met and Brian plays his straight man perfectly (i.e. never says a word. I guess "Silent Brian" would be more appropriate). We went out for ribs and beer served in massive goblets then hit a tavern around the corner that "The Babe" himself used to frequent! So we knocked back a few in The Babe's honor whilst there, too. Sunday was brutal. Haven't had a hangover like that in years. If you get a chance you simply MUST attend the Minnesota Fallcon. Not the biggest or most attended show but definitely the friendliest and the funnest! Everything you've heard is true!

Career-wise I was also shopping around for an agent to rep me in the Literary world while there. Made some possible connections. If you know one let me know.

Also had the pleasure of touring the Mad and DC offices before flying back home Monday. That was pretty cool. And they loaded me up with so many books and magazines I barely squeezed them all into my carry on.

BB WOLF & THE 3 L.P.S may be pushed back til 2010 as the down economy right now makes releasing new books an iffy prospect. So we're discussing options with our Top Shelf pubs and if it is delayed Johnnie and I will use that extra time to build a website and work on the music cd that will accompany the book. That's right! We gonna write and play some blues! Already have a few songs written and plan on starting some practice sessions in the coming weeks. Maybe my future lies in blues singing? We shall see.

Also! Just finishing up the final 3 Geeks installment (part 3 of 3) of the current "Slab Madness" mini-series and will be shipping it out to the printer in the next couple weeks. Thanks to all of you who have supported it! What with the big gap between this mini-series and the last 3 Geeks comic I feared terribly low orders but was pleasantly surprised to see strong sales. So thanks for not entirely forgetting me and the boys.

And finally! A-Roid. Are any of us really surprised anymore when we hear that a professional athlete juiced up? Seriously? I wasn't surprised at all...not one little bit. I must admit that, as a Yankee hater, I took sick pleasure at seeing this story unfold and hope it's a thorn in the mighty Yankees side all year long. I'm disgusted with the Yankees latest "spending spree" and relish any event which causes dissent and consternation in that evil empire's den of hell! So, yep, was tickled pink when the news broke! And I was THERE in NY when it broke! SOOOOO COOL to see the papers out there lambaste A-Fraud on all the Front, Back and Middle pages of every paper and every news channel, subway barker and bum on the subways. It's all anyone talked about and I just giggled and giggled and giggled.

I must say that now, these however many days since the news hit that at least A-Roid has 'fessed up. Unlike some of his roid predecessors he's come clean. Look at what Bonds and Clemens and McGwire have wrought upon themselves by denying. I do believe that this will make A-Roid's life much less a living Hell this season and beyond. I still think he's forever tainted but just like Giambi and Pettite before him, confession will prove to be good for the soul.

Maybe now all the future juicers will take a page from their books and just 'fess the f**k up! You're not getting into the Hall either way but you've probably got a much better chance by coming clean and apologizing and saying, "I was an idiot and I didn't know any better and I am sorry."

People like it when you SHOW you are sorry.




Hey all,

Well, I was rooting for the Cardinals. If my team's not in it I usually pull for the underdogs. It's my way. I've got to say that the game ended up being very exciting after what looked like was sure to be another boring blowout. That 4th quarter was outstanding! Man, if not for that turnover going into the half I think the cards would have pulled off the shocker...and even so they still almost did. Gotta give 'em credit for coming back like they did. They could've easily folded going into that 4th quarter but they did not.

Just like me! Yes, there is a parallel, just gimme a second here folks. What I'm trying to say is that I'm not a quitter. That's right, ain't got no quit in me. I been knocked down, sure, but i get my skinny ass right back up. Sometimes it takes me awhile, y'know, like when I have my achilles removed to get at a bone spur or have my eye poked out and can't see straight for 8 months, but I'm going to come back, man. WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER as the Native Americans would proudly exclaim.

I've been stabbed, shot, run over, poked, concussed (many times and in some very brutal ways), insulted, stolen from (lawsuits pending), and ignored. Still here. Still standing. Just gets me more pissed off...more determined. And I will get you if you're one of those who've stole from me or slighted me. Rest assured. I will.

So I identify with the underdog. With those who have been dissed. And, yes, I realize you're out there saying, "Hey, man, we've all been dissed at one time or another, man...get over it." Nope. Not my way. I use it. It is my fuel. I have been dissed. Many a time...I do not like it. I have a motto...a mantra...and here it is my code..."I'M ALL ABOUT FAIR AND REVENGE." It works for me. I am as standup a person as there is. You do right by me and you'll get right right back atcha tenfold. You screw me over and watch out. I will get my revenge. It may take some time but I do not forget.

So to all you "Cardinals" out there (and I'm speaking metaphorically here. And yes, I realize that it's not a perfect metaphor cuz those dudes all make sick money and most of us don't but just let me friggin' finish here alright?), you've got a simple choice...You can let the "getting knocked down" get you down and give up or you can get back up pissed off and do something about it. You're a winner or you're a loser. It's simple. And just hoisting that trophy doesn't always make you the winner, folks. Sometimes it's how you handle the loss. Sometimes it's your response to that loss that proves you to be the biggest winner of them all!

So, yeah, right now I'm a "Cardinal," man. But don't feel sorry for me or my Cardinal brethren. We're gonna fight and you have not heard the last from us!



p.s. See you at the New York Comic-Con this weekend! I'll be signing at the Top Shelf booth and Archie booth and strolling around.

p.p.s. THE 3 GEEKS: SLAB MADNESS #2 shipped out from my printer last week so it should be in the stores very soon!

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