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Megacon Aftermath!

Greetings all!

Just got back from sunny Florida. We went on a little vacation/working trip down there. Visited my little brother in South Beach first where it was quite lovely, and then headed up to Orlando for the MEGACON! But first we detoured over to Heath McKnight's villa for a little pow-wow on the 3 Geeks flick. Heath showed me some of the clips from his upcoming film "9:04 AM" and they looked pretty sweet. Had a great meeting about the 3 Geeks feature film and I am getting ever-so-delighted as filming dates approach. We're gearing up for the start of filming and all involved agree that a fall start is looking good. We also pow-wowed over the script and it's looking better and better! No details yet! I'm a firm believer in "No Spoilers!"

Before the start of Megacon we had a day to go to Universal Themepark. Let me sum up this little outing for you in two words...RIP. OFF. $235.00 for the three of us to get in. Ouch. It was kind of cold that day so attendance was probably a bit lower than on a warmer day, but even still the lines were long. We got the "2 Park Pass" so we were able to go to both parks and still we only got on about 10 rides/shows! Again, RIP. OFF. And! We scurried around the park for a bite to eat and three restaurants in a row were closed without any signs indicating so! The doors were open, lights were on, but no one was home! Huge waste of time spent running around just to get a decent bite to eat. And what has become of the theme park ride? Has anyone else noticed that not only do you stand in line for ungodly amounts of time to go on a 45 second ride, but they seem to think that the more jerky the ride the better! And when I say "jerky" I mean that literally. They just jerk you back-and-forth throughout the ride hoping that you think this was somehow thrilling in some way. It's not. Save your money, folks.

Megacon was great! Except for all the Manga/Anime wannabes. But the crowd was big, the show as big, and the people came to buy goodies (except, again, for the Anime/Manga wannabes who only came to preen). I sold a ton of sketches and had a great time talking with fans. Also got to hang out with my good buddy, Chuck Rozanski and his charming wife Nanette! Played some poker with them and some other fine folks on Saturday night as well. I recommend Megacon for any of those thinking about attending. It is a very nice show.

After Megacon we had a few more days in Orlando for some quality vacation time. So, once again, we decided to try a theme park...I know!...I'm a glutton for punishment. This time it was Disney's Animal Kingdom that violated us to the tune of $202.00. This was just wrong. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves how they take complete advantage of vacationers! There should be signs outside that park warning people before they come in and pay a lot of money just how big the crowds are on any given day. The place was so packed there were 90 to 120 minute waits for all their premiere attractions. You could barely move through the crowds. There should really be some kind of "cap" on the crowd to be perfectly fair. They should only be able to allow so many people in at one time. It's not like they're hurting for dough, you know! This was just plain and simple taking advantage of people, folks. And they have those handy-dandy "Quick Passes" where you can go and scan your pass so you don't have to wait in line...where you can come back at a later time so you can go and enjoy other attractions...they were all full up and unavailable within the first couple hours of the park opening!! That's how packed it was. Talk about feeling sick over spending $200 bucks just to mill about hoping to get on something, ANYTHING! before the frigin' park closes! After 2 hours there we saw or rode on two attractions. TWO! So we frantically ran around from ride to ride, show to show, for the next few hours trying desperately to get some of our money's worth. We squeezed into a couple pitiful rides and the Tribute To The Lion King show (which was actually very cool) until finally we got into the Nemo, The Musical, show line. This was the last scheduled show of the day. We had to, unfortunately, miss the parade to see Nemo but we figured that given the choice between the two Nemo was the better. After an hour in line and another 15 minutes waiting for the curtain to rise, Nemo finally started. It was great!

20 minutes into the 40 minute show the lights went up, an announcer said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Nemo show has been cancelled. Please exit to your right!"

That was it. No explanation. No apology. Just get out!

So I marched! Right to Guest Relations! I fully expected a long line ahead of me. There was only a couple people besides myself. But surely they would come, right? Nope. No one else seemed to care. What the Hell? Have people become so blaise when it comes to these things? Don't they care that they're being ripped off? Is it laziness? They don't want to "make trouble?" Hey man, I'm big on principle...I just spent a fortune to go on four friggin' rides and one of them broke! I want some sort of vindication here!

So I complained. I did it calmly but I got my two cents worth in. They credited us with 2 hours of time and told us we could return the next day to see Nemo again. Okay, I guess that's kind of fair. So the next day we returned. When I went to redeem my voucher to get in some chick working the Guest Realations desk acted all bitchy with me like I was trying to scam them or something. So I had to re-explain our situation the prior day and plead my case to this harpy!

Well, we finally got in, AGAIN! And in the 2 hours we were credited we managed to see two whole shows. The Pocohontas show and Nemo. Nemo was cool. I'll give them that. But you'd think that after wasting our time the day before they'd of let us get in without having to stand in line again, right? Nope. Had to stand in line agin for an hour before going in.

So, to summarize. RIP. OFF. BIGTIME!!!! RIP. OFF.

But Megacon was great. And Stella got to go swimming for three hours our last day!




No, you have not read the title incorrectly and no you have not overmedicated today! YES! the news is true, true believers, there is going to be a 3 GEEKS movie!

Here's the dizzel!...

About 4-5 months ago some cat from sunny Florida kept ordering copies of my 3 Geeks comics...multiple copies. I was like, hey, what the Hiznit (dizzel and hiznet are cool slang words for those of you who aren't as cool as me)? why's this cat ordering multiple copies? Of course he was ordering multiple copies and paying for them so, hey, didn't really care all that much as to the why. Then we started conversing as the orders kept coming in. I found out that this cat, name of Heath McKnight, was an independent filmmaker. He told me that he really enjoyed my series and was buying so many copies because he was giving them away to his fellow comic book geeks...sharing my genius with them, so to speak (Okay, I added that last part myself, but he said something to that effect alright?).

Anyhoo, me being who I am I proposed/suggested/inquired about the possibility of Heath considering a 3 Geeks movie since he was such a big fan. He laughed and informed me that he and his crew were going to put together a short film demo to sway me into considering the exact same thing!

And there you have it! That's how movie deals are made. Simple, hey?

Since then we have formalized an agreement, recruited Heath's cohort Jeremiah Hall to help with the screenplay, begun outlining the movie's plot/story, and set up our filming schedule! We've been busy boys. The film is scheduled to be released in Spring/Summer of 2008.

Without getting too misty-eyed and sappy here let me just tell you something about my personal feelings on all of this...

I want to be filthy rich and famous.

Just kidding. Well, not really...I do want those things very badly but that's not what I wanted to share with you. In all seriousness, I have had many people approach me in the past 10 years about developing a movie or series about The 3 Geeks. Obviously none of those talks worked out for whatever reason or reasons. And, trust me, it wasn't because I was reluctant. Mostly I found a lot of the people talking to me about it to be full of the proverbial "hot air." that's the nicest way I could think of saying that. But, right from the start, I could tell it was different talking with Heath. He had a refreshing enthusiasm I really connected with. There was absolutely no BS talking with him. In Heath I found the same simple approach that I myself take with a project of this sort; "I want to do this project so I am going to do it!" It's such a simple concept and Heath seems to get that. Not as many people do as you'd think. As the Nike ads say, "Just friggin' DO IT!" I added "friggin'" for effect.

I am so incredibly excited about this venture. I know the movie's going to be great and I know this--I GUARANTEE this--becuase I know we're going to have an absolute blast while making the film. I will personally be directly involved from start to finish and promise that every effort will be made to produce the best possible movie. I already know what the plotline is and am seriously delighted. Jeremiah has assembled/cobbled together an amazing outline using various elements from the series. And together we're going to finesse the script until it's just right.

Keep your eyes peeled for the formal "press release" that'll be circulating very soon! And stay tuned right here for further updates and progress reports.

'Nuff said! Excelsior!


P.S. Saw "Children Of Men" last week and "Pan's Labyrinth!" Both excellent movies and I highly recommend each of them. Just thought I'd throw that in there in keeping with the movie theme.

The List! New Illustrated Novel set for release!

Greetings and salutations dear readers! I write this column for the second time today! The first time I was done, finished, spent a good hour on it, was proud as hell and then hit the wrong button and Ka-PLOOEY! GONE! Erased! Talk about the proverbial pisser.

So, to recap...

Been extremely ill the past 24 hours...puking my guys out, nauseous, etc. Many of you probably have caught the same bug recently and I'm sure the rest of you will soon. In fact, if you're reading this I can guarantee it as I am about to spread the virus to you...K-Fed is getting $25 million from his divorce settlement with perennial "Mother-Of-The-Year" candidate, Brittany Spears (BTW, remember when she gave that interview a few years back about how important being a mother was to her? HA!). $25 Million. And, the news today reported that he's apparently seeking even more.



Begin your vomiting now.

These are the headlines that truly convince me the end of the world is very near indeed. Forget about Al-Quaeda, we got K-Fed and Brittany. Oh god! it comes again! where's the bucket?!...ugh...

Now, onto much more important news...My new Illustrated Novel, THE LIST, is officially slated for a July 2007 release! It will be solicited in the May Previews catalogue under my 3 FINGER PRINTS banner (For whatever reason Previews has it listed as 3 FINGER PUBLICATIONS. Don't know why, don't ask.). THE LIST will be making its convention debut at this year's Comic-Con International in July as well. Be there!

Now, many of you aren't privy to the basic gist of what THE LIST is all about. This is because the details have been kept "Top Secret" as there are those scurrilous scoundrels skulking about out there that look to do nothing but prey on the ideas of others. Yes, it is true. Yes, they are bastards.

Anyhoo, here it is in a nutshell...

THE LIST is an adult look at Christmas and the question "What if all those beloved characters we all grew up watching were real? Really real?" I take these characters and do a bit of a "Rudolph" meets "Lord Of The Rings" thing. I've written an epic (I hope) tale that has those beloved characters facing the harsh reality of our world and corporate greed and governmental corruption. For, after all, if Santa and his friends were, indeed, real, can't you just imagine the people out there who'd try to horn in on the business of Christmas?! So, the battle begins...Santa and his noble friends are forced to fight for the soul of Christmas and the innocence of the children.

THE LIST will be approximately 200 pages long and include 36-40 beautiful B&W ink-washed and full-color illustrations. And I do mean beautiful, folks!

There is also the off-chance that the newest 3 GEEKS comic debuts at the same time. We're just in the process of deciding whether a double listing would behoove us as small publishers or if we'd be better served spreading the listings apart. Don't know. Never done it before. Help.

We will, of course, keep you all posted.



P.S. A special "best wishes" to friend and fellow comic book geek, Sean Scott, over at Mile High Comics. Sean's been battling cancer this past year. It has been my privilege to have gotten to know Sean and the entire Mile High gang but Sean is special. He's one of those guys who always has a smile on his face and a few clever witticisms to boot. Even now, faced with this terrible illness, all he had to say when we spoke yesterday was positive things. The world, and the comics biz, needs more Sean Scotts. "Courage" barely begins to describe Sean's character.

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