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Greetings and Happy Holidays and all that.

I have recently received a few inquiries regarding Holiday shipping. Yes, if you order something through the site before December 17th I can almost guarantee that it will ship in time for Christmas. Basically allow at least a week and we're pretty safe...No absolute guarantees though so don't be quotin' me on that. I shall, however, do my part and get any orders out immediately. Then it's up to our good ole Post Office (yep, same one that's filing for Bankruptcy soon).

ALSO! since I'm so Gosh Darned nice I will be adding a FREE original sketch with every order I get before the 2011 year's end! Howzabout that?! Yeah, pretty cool, right? Prices are still "recession busters" as well.

AND I've got a few new items posted including the new ZVC (Zombies vs. Cheerleaders) Trade Paperback and the brand-spankin' NEW issue of INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE issue #4 the CHRISTMAS issue. 64 pages of fun that includes a brand NEW (there's that word again!) 3 GEEKS story! A re-telling of the classic "It's a Wonderful Life" story 3 Geeks style! This comic showcases some of the industry's best Independent talent.

Okay, other than that I'll quickly mention that that Detroit Lions player, Ndickahead Suh, is now the biggest tool in pro sports. Anyone who watches any sports is bound to have seen his infamous "trying to regain my balance" scene. Yes, I was being facetious. The douche bag violently shoves a Packer player's head into the ground not once, but twice, then gets up and kicks him/stomps on his arm and then, after he's ejected from the game, claims he was just "trying to regain his balance." HA! 6-7 million people see this live and all see the same thing in replay after replay after replay and he still tries to give some lame-ass story. Glad he got the 2-game suspension (which he appealed, and subsequently lost said appeal) and even more glad that he's been exposed to the world as not only a dirty player but now also a dirty liar.

I don't think Ndickahead Suh's going to be getting any presents from Santa this year. Sadly the dick makes millions a year even though he's a jerk so I'm sure he don't care.

It's an unfair world sometimes...



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