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Merry Christmas to all! Happy New Year to boot. And if you're not practicing Christmas happy "whatever" to you as well...and I mean that.

Pictured here is my daughter Stella's Christmas card for 2009. Entirely designed by her with just a few assists in Photoshop by pops. The star in the photo is Stella's cat, Cutie! I thought it was pretty darn clever, myself, and hope you all enjoy it.

We're going to celebrate today by going to see the new Princess & The Frog movie and then tomorrow we're going to follow up with taking Stella to see Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakel! It's just the three of us now that we've moved 2,300 miles away from our families so we're going to be laid back and non-committed and just r-e-l-a-x...

It should be pretty "drama-free" this year...ahhh, serenity now.


R & S


"FANTASTIC MR. FOX." Go see it! If you liked any previous Wes Anderson films (Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums, Life Aquatic) you'll love this--and your kids will love it too. At least Stella did...she gets the subtle humor, though, and really digs it. I guess if your kid doesn't get subtle humor go without the kid, but still go before this film's out of the theatres. Pitch perfect performances from every cast member! The stop-motion animation was brilliant and the story top-notch. I never read the book but I'm going to now. I can't possibly imagine it's better than the movie but I feel compelled to give it a try.

Grade: A

In other news...

The second printing of THREE FINGERS has FINALLY been greenlit by Top Shelf for a May release to coincide with the release of BB WOLF AND THE 3 L.P.S. It was way too long a wait since 3F's been out of print for over 3 years but it's finally here. Why the long delay? Well, initially it was decided it would be better to release it with BB to strengthen both book's sales. I agreed with this even though it meant waiting a full year at the time. This was back in 2007 when BB was signed. The BB was delayed because TS was completely enmeshed in other big releases and the upcoming Surrogates movie. So another year passed with no 3F. Yep, I was frustrated...especially when people kept asking for the book at shows and I was out of copies. Then BB was delayed again by TS as Chris (Staros) fell behind on the edits as he was almost full tilt on promoting The Surrogates.

But finally it has been announced that 3F's going to be back in print and I couldn't be happier. Brett and Chris are talking about possibly making it a hardcover this time with a cover reboot--just a slight modification, though, as they both love the panoramic painted cover image on the original.

So keep your little eyes peeled for that true believers! I'll be pimpin' all my wares at this year's cons.

In other great news...

Thrilled to report that my buddy, Big Tim Lyons' family, raised $10,000 last week to aide in their son Ben's recovery from the devastating injuries he suffered while serving our country in Afghanistan this past summer. They had a spaghetti dinner in our hometown of Menomonee Falls, WI and over 250 people showed up along with a slew of media types! They had the dinner, a silent auction, bake sale and all kinds of fun for all while raising an extraordinary amount for Ben.

My faith in humanity has been temporarily restored so I'll save my rants (and trust me I've got a doozey!) for the next blog.

I shall end on that positive note.



AS A DOG!....

As in "Sick As A Dog!" folks. Been remiss in my blog duties because about 3 weeks ago I was hammered by the flu (Swine???) that lasted about 4-5 days. It was pretty severe with some of the worst chills and body aches I've ever experienced. And the flu quickly evolved into a serious case of pneumonia which I'm still battling with the aide of some antibiotics and some killer cough medicine with codeine.

So, been down-and-out for awhile now but looking forward to my recovery cuz I've got some cool things in store for 2010, the least of which the new graphic novel, BB WOLF AND THE 3 LPS which is now 99% completed and almost ready to roll.

I'll keep you posted on that. And have some kick ass pics up soon to pimp it.

A'ight, thassit for now as I feel the need to hit the couch again for, I don't know, the 1,000th time in the past 3 weeks.



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