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Yup, a pretty craptastic season for The Pack. But for those out there blaming it on the Favre trade, forget it. Grow up. Aaron Rodgers was not the Pack's problem nor was the offense. The did enough to win at least 9-10 games all on their own. The blame goes directly on the defense this year and moreso even on the pitiful Special Teams!!! The Special Teams performance was consistently horrific this season...was it just me or did it seem like every time the offense had a terrific long drive for a score--a very IMPORTANT drive for a score--late in the game, the Special Teams kicked off and the opposing team was instantly at mid-field??? Then, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Three plays later they're in the end zone! How many games did we see this this year?!

And, once again, versus the hated Bears this past Monday night they did it again. Pack sustains a great drive to put them up in the score and the ST and defense give it right back on 3-4 plays. THEN, the offense gets us back within field goal range with just seconds left in the game and the ST eff it up by having the kick blocked.

'Course it goes into overtime but by then the outcome was a foregone conclusion wasn't it? Especially when the Bears won the coin toss and elected to receive. You just knew it was a matter of 3-4 plays again and game over.

And, yep, sure 'nuff, exactly what happened.

So to all you "See, they shouldn't have traded Favre!" guys out there, again, I say "grow up."

I also say you probably know nothing about football.

Thassit for this week. Had a decent enough holiday--Stella was in heaven.

New 3 Geeks comic hits the stands in January and has an all-new cover! Different than the exclusive and slightly different than what was shown in the Previews ad.

Bet you're just tingling with anticipation now ain'tcha?




Hello friends! It is out of the generous kindness currently kindling in my heart that today I make you all this very special offer...

BUY ANY ONE ITEM OFF THE WEBSITE AND GET ANOTHER ITEM OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE FOR FREE!!! Yep, by golly, you read that right. Find something you're digging on on the site, buy it, and you get to pick out another item that's the same price or LESS and I give it to you for FREE! And here's what you do...When you do all the mumbo-jumbo you gotta do PayPalling and such you'll see a spot on the order form that says something like "Special Instructions" or some such thing. THAT is where you will indicate the second FREE item that you want.

Pretty simple, eh? I think so.

So go nuts! And, of course if you pay for 2 items you get 2 additional items for free, 3 items purchased 3 free, and so on...You get the drill.

AND! AND!!!...Just today I have finally made the new 3 Geeks: Slab Madness "Baltimore Comic-Con Exclusive" #1 available on the site! That's right! This is #1 of a 3 issue series that's currently being solicited in the catalogues for January release. But this is the very limited "Exclusive" edition that was made available earlier this Fall at the Baltimore Comic-Con and limited to only 500 copies. And I've only got about 20 copies left, folks, so nab 'em up while you can. It's a great issue with the usual 3 Geeks mayhem and hilarity.

So shop on the site! Do it! Now! Oh, wait, finish the blog first...

SYNECHDOCHE, NY! by Charlie Kaufmann.

Went to Charlie Kaufmann's newest film last night, the strangely titled, "Synechdoche, NY" starring Phillip Seymour Hoffmann. I don't know what Mr. Kaufmann has planned next but I just cannot imagine anything more creative than this, his latest effort, which must be dubbed an absolute masterpiece. I admit, halfway through this film I thought he completely went off the deep end and may have just simply tried too hard. But I was a huge fan of his previous films I was willing to wait and see, giving him full benefit of the doubt. And it was worth it. The first half did move rather slowly and rather strangely, but it all came together in the second half and really delivered in the final 15 minutes. I hate giving away plots and such when I review a film and will spare you here by just giving you the merest sliver of an outline... Hoffmann plays a playwright in a shaky, stale marriage. He's beginning to suffer the aches and pains that come with middle age. His wife leaves for Germany to exhibit her microscopic paintings and takes their daughter with her. Hoffmann is left alone and distraught over the decision to leave him back. The film then starts to weave in and out of reality and the "play version" of Hoffmann's life that he's simultaneously producing as his real life proceeds. Every daily detail, ailment and tragedy is written into the play as it unfolds in real life. Thusly the play becomes ENORMOUS and never-ending, constantly adding new characters and sets. The play of his life, and the movie itself, becomes massive in scope and depth and philosophical questions about life. It's intense, thought-provoking, very sad, and very enlightening. But you have to pay attention! If you like Adam Sandler films and Star Wars Phantom Menace this film ain't for you!!!

Let me just say that if you liked his prior films, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, ADAPTATION, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND then you will absolutely relish this film!

A'ight! Thassit for now, I guess. Oh Wait! "BB WOLF & THE 3 L.P.S" is almost entirely "in the can." Just finished up the edits and fixing the typos last week. Next blog I'll post a teaser shot for you. But start looking for the hype on that book soon.



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