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Hey kiddies!

It's the holiday season...yep. Some of you may have gleaned from past blogs that I'm a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. Yessir, too true. Aside from past points I've made regarding the obvious over-commercialization, forgetting the origin of the holiday and why we're celebrating in the first place there's the simply asinine behavior people exhibit in the weeks leading up to our most cherished of all holidays. Examples: PROBLEM: The sheer panic some imbeciles are in in the few last days preceding Christmas...SOLUTION: Shop earlier, losers!

PROBLEM: The religious uproar every year that some ass will put up over separation of church and state because the local courthouse put up a Nativity Scene out front...SOLUTION: Deal with it, losers! Whether you like it or not majority rules in this country and it's majority wants the pretty Nativity Scene.

PROBLEM: Selfishness! Yep, you heard me right. Sure it's supposed to be the holiday of giving but my experience has shown me that it's really more about "What's in it for me?" Am I wrong? No, in general I don't think so. I watch people...I see not only selfishness in the gift-giving (or should I say receiving in this case) aspect of Christmas but in the little things. I.e. In the lines. Again, deal with it, people...we're all in the same boat when we go to the local Target store. Lots of people in big hurries waiting in long lines. Goes back to "You should've planned this better and shopped earlier a-hole." Don't be all pissy now that you have to stand in line for 10 minutes. Happened to me today at the post office, too. And it really pissed me off today in traffic!!! Everyone's in such a friggin' hurry that they won't even leave the simple courtesy gap in traffic in the middle of intersections so that people can cross or make a turn! They're in line waiting, traffic in their lane's at a stop and obviuosly not going anywhere and yet they still stay right on the car's bumper in front of them blocking traffic and clogging the entire intersection so now nobody can friggin' move!!! BRILLIANT JERKSTORE!!! Just brilliant. This turd of a human being did this to me today and then when I honked and gave her the "What the Hell?" gesture she just looked at me, shrugged like, "So?!" and looked back at the car in front of her. I'm sure she was in a super-big hurry though. Very important.

Selfish beeyotch.

SOLUTION: CALM THE EFF DOWN PEOPLE! Oh, I'm sorry...calm the eff down people. It's crazy out there, everyone's stressing, everyone's got last-minute things to do...just take a deep breath and calm the eff down. A'ight?!

Okay, I vented. Ah, just gotta love it.

As I've said before, if it weren't for my daughter I'd get the hell out of Dodge every year and find some remote place that's completely idiot free. Can't wait for her to get completely jaded like me and Sandy so we can all go together.

I'm Kidding! Kind of.

In other news!...

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #4 hit the stands! And it features part 4 of my 12 part "Weapon Omega" installment. Beautiful cover featuring my character, Guardian, as well. Sweet. I think it'd make a fantastic stocking stuffer for everyone on your list. And OH, HEY! I just happen to have copies available right here at this very site! Lucky you! And, oh gosh, look what else I have!...the previous three back issues of the very same comic! How unbelievably convenient, wouldn't you agree?

Hell, while you're at it you might as well go and stock up on all my other goodies as well. Go nuts!

And in the spirit of the holidays I will add an extra incentive for you. For any three items purchased I will throw in a fourth item completely FREE! The fourth item being of equal or lesser value than the lowest priced of the three you pay for. So, if you order three things, just make sure to indicate in your info in the confirmation email which fourth item you'd like. Sounds confusing but it's really rather simple. This offer is applicable for anything on the site including original art. Just remember, the fourth "FREE" item has to be the lowest price of the four items you pick.

Have at it and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. And happy other holidays to all you other people of other religious persuasions. Even to the atheists and Wickens!




Greetings all! Just took the family to see the new Disney movie, Enchanted, at the brand spanking new IPIC theatre located at the newly renovated Bayshore Town Center Mall. The mall is nice, the theatre spectacular--luxury seating, intimate size, chic bar and restaurant and a friggin' bowling alley!--and the movie was absolutely wonderful! Best family movie we've seen in quite a few years. I couldn't recommend this movie enough to anyone with know what? to anyone at all! I was delighted throughout the entire film. The actors were all phenomenal with Amy Adams (Junebug; The Wedding Date) in the lead and stealing the show (and the hearts of the movie goers) with her charm and talent...and she can SING! James Marsden who always plays the stodgy types (X-Men & Superman Returns) displayed some wonderful, side-splitting comedic ability. And Dr. McDreamy a.k.a. Patrick Dempsey played the role of the straight man extremely well here with some real heart. I gave up on Grey's Anatomy a long time ago but he really proved his star power in this film.

So what's the darned movie about? Simple: it's a fairytale come to life. The movie starts out in a classic Disney animated world playing up all the typical scenarios of the fair maiden waiting for her Prince Charming who's a dashing, courageous sort capturing giant trolls with his broad sword and even broader smile. They both long for true love and find themselves thrown together where they instantly fall in love while singing the same song, finishing the missing parts of their "destiny duet!" But, alas, there's the evil step-mother, of course, who wants nothing more than to see the Prince remain unwed so that she can remain Queen and reap the rewards such a station sews.

And so the evil step-mother tricks the fair maiden on their wedding day (the day after they meet of course!) into falling down a well where she then finds herself no longer a beautifully animated fairy tale character but a true living breathing in-the-flesh person (still mesmerizing BTW) landed smack dab in the middle of absolute "non fairytale land" New York city. She's lost. Literally and figuratively. And that's where the fun begins as we see her oh-so-sweet naivete trying to cope with the harshness of reality. She meets Dr. McDreamy and he reluctantly takes her in trying to help someone he believes to be delusional. And Prince Charming (Prince Edward actually; James Marsden) follows after her down the well and also into our reality. He's absolutely hilarious as he seems absolutely oblivious to the fact that things are completely different here--Attacking a city bus to free the citizens from it's belly is priceless fun.

And the chipmunk? Nice added fun for the kids! Heck, for the adults too.

I won't give away the whole shebang but in the end you leave truly uplifted. I know it may sound corny but it's a wonderful, heartwarming fairytale and I loved it!

A+ on this one folks. GO!




I am aware that I have been greatly remiss in my blogging duties these past few weeks and for that I am truly sorry to you dear readers for I realize just how very important my musings are to you. I have been deluged by thousands of distressed readers begging, pleading, sometimes even offering their fleshly services unto me (again, Big Tim, I'm not interested!) in effort to get me back to the blog. Again, I am sorry for causing such distress but I am back.

The sad reality is that in the last 2 months we were hit hard with 4 funerals. My Tante Hannelore (aunt in english), Sandy's Aunt Dolly, a dear friend's mother and a poker buddy's father all passed away recently. Very, very sad. My Tante was the only Aunt I had here in the U.S. We have relatives over in Germany but our family here in the U.S. is very small. Sandy's side is HUGE! 50-100? Who can keep track of all the cousins, aunts and uncles...Catholics! I think there's a degree of comfort there because of the size. With me it impacts more I think our family being so small. We just literally lost 1/10th of my direct family I grew up with. For 23 years there were just 10 of us in my family. Now we've got a few spouses and some kids added in to beef up the line but for the majority of my life just us 10. So Tante's loss has left a big hole.

She loved Jolly Rancher candies. LOVED THEM. Always had them around. But--as is the case with my dad--they often changed the names of things because they translated things in their minds in German. Tante always called Jolly Ranchers "Happy Farmers." Every time I think of it it makes me laugh. When we explained to our daughter that Tante died she was a bit confused at the concept and a little sad. She said, "She was nice...she always gave me those candies." So I was delighted beyond description when we went to the funeral and amongst all the pictures was a candy bowl filled with Happy Farmers with a small note beside it saying, "Please take a Happy Farmer candy! From Hannelore." I let Stella take three. I took three, too.

The Happy Farmers aren't the only memories left behind but I certainly don't want to make this blog to sad. Let me just give Tante a proper little tribute here by letting you all know how brave her and my Uncle Herman were. They grew up in a war-torn Europe. My Uncle lived in Estonia, My Aunt in Germany. Both were forced into armed services at quite young ages. My uncle forced to fight for Germany when his country was occupied and my Aunt, like many children, recruited in the Hitler Youth. My Uncle saw heavy combat. On two occasions he was severely injured, once being shot through the stomach and later he had an eye shot out. He fought and killed others. In one instance he told the story of having to face off with another soldier with just his bayonet left, his rifle out of bullets, killing the other boy (for that is what they both were) as he fired wildly at him. He was a P.O.W. held by British forces and eventually met my aunt who worked in a hospital. They knew that they needed to get out and found there way here to America. They had no one but themselves but made lives for themselves here. Eventually they convinced my dad to come here instead of Australia and the rest is history. Brave people. They were larger than life and, basically, without their coming here and convincing my dad to come here I wouldn't exist. So I thank them dearly.

In Other news! I've been working diligently on several exciting projects. BB WOLF AND THE 3 L.P.S is coming along very nicely as you can see by the page of art above. Johnnie and I are hoping for a summer release. But, very least, we are confident it'll see book form sometime in 2008. I will, of course, keep you posted on the details. I must say with all sincerity, though, that I've never been prouder of my art. The book is looking fantastic and Johnnie's been a pleasure to work with (for those of you who don't know, Johnnie Arnold is the writer). The whole project's been a dream project from the start.

ALSO! Benn plugging away on the WEAPON OMEGA storyline in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS. Issue #4 is about to hit the stands and I've just finished writing #7 with 5 more to go. Writing for a big publisher like Marvel is challenging. I'm definitely unaccustomed to having to deal with all the editorial control and it can, at times, be somewhat vexing. I'm used to writing whatever the hell I want, killing off who I want, beating up whichever character i want, saying words like "turd" or "testicle" when I feel it's imperative to the betterment of the reading experience. So, these are some of the things I've had to adjust to working for a company that has certain guidelines. not always as easy as you might think. But I'm a team player, man...I work within the system and I respect the system, man. It just makes things more challenging...forces me to think outside my own little creative box I've built these past 40 years. And I think I'm doing a fairly good job all things considered and I hope you're all digging my shit (couldn't use that word either in MCP...I tried several times. sigh, I really like that word too).

Besides the work update I'm gearing up for a couple other new books in 2008, one the looonnng overdue 3 GEEKS graphic novel I've been promising. The story's been written for over a year and I actually have a few pages done--been done for a year actually--just haven't had the time to finish the damn thing. But I think it'll be ready soon. So keep your eyes peeled.

That's it for now and I promise to get back on a decent blog schedule again.



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