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Greetings! In the spirit of Halloween and "All Things Zombies" these days, and the return of The Walking Dead, and the fact that I will soon be publishing the ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS comic book series, and...well you get the idea!

I've just posted a whole bunch of Little Zombie Originals on the website for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. I posted 12 today and will have more to follow soon. Also putting a few up on ebay. ebay kind of rocks.

So check 'em out when you get a chance.

Speaking of The Walking Dead... New season's pretty strong so far but I really need to see Carl and his useless mom bite it (no pun intended). They need to be taken out and taken out hard! Preferably Mom gets it while neglecting to watch Carl (AGAIN!) somehow. Rick finally loses it after the 1,000th time and blows her brains out, then in an ongoing fit of rage takes down Carl as well. Then himself. perfect, cuz his "simmering anger thing" is getting stale too.

A'ight, that's all I got this week.



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