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Every once in awhile I'll peruse the local record stores or go onto iTunes to see if some old favorite group or singer has a new album out. Well, a few days back I was going through my collection of cds and came across one of our favorites by The Call...Red Moon. So as I listened it occurred to me that I hadn't looked in some time to see if they had anything new. Much to my surprise and shock I learned that founding member, lead singer Michael Been suddenly died of heart failure while touring with his son's band in Europe. As of the last time I looked the details weren't all in yet but the sadness was pretty devastating. We've been huge fans of The Call and Michael Been here at casa Koslowski since the late 80s! We have every album and they always rank among our all-time favorites. Their music has always been a magnificent blend of beauty, power and uniqueness that set them apart from most other bands. Michael's voice was distinct, smooth and powerful. Their lyrics smart, thought-provoking and often uplifting.

Michael was only 60 when he passed--far too young for such a talented person. We'll certainly miss him here. If you haven't yet discovered their wonderful music I highly recommend doing so. "Red Moon" and "Let The Day Begin" are great places to start and Michael's solo effort "On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown."

Yes we will miss him but we also honor his memory and celebrate what he's left behind.


Whew! Is right, true believers! I have been neglectful of this here blog but for good reason! Aside from hitting every mother-lovin' con there was this summer/fall, I also spent a week in LA LA Land pitching The 3 Geeks to several studios and then came back home for a day to work on Archie deadlines before turning around and heading right back to LA LA Land for a trip to Disney with the girls! Busy busy busy. Couple that with some absolutely hellacious Archie deadlines and I haven't had much time to breathe let alone blog.

But here I am again...all for you.

So, some highlights (or lowlights as it were) of the time between my last two blogs...

Conventions! Been to a ton. Some good, some great, some awful! Baltimore and APE were great! The others fell somewhere between good and awful.

Brett Favre! Ha ha ha ha...OH MY GOD! I was in NY when the news hit of the Sexting. Truly entertaining stuff. He returned for one more shot at the Superbowl glory--to go out on top!--I think it's going to be about as rock-bottom as it gets for good old Brett, folks. And that's aside from the fact that the Vikings are imploding again(and Favre. AGAIN!)!!! More hilarity. Take that Vikings (and my brother Paul)! Good thing they picked up Randy Moss so they could put that final piece in the Superbowl puzzle!...Oh wait, they what?...They cut him after only having him there for three games??? What?!! That's outrageous. (soft giggles inserted here as I get all facetious).

When will Deanna Favre have had enough? Of course she's known of his shenanigans since they were dating in high school so I guess she's getting what she deserves.

MEGAMIND 3D. Go see it folks. It's another great effort from the fine folks over at Dreamworks. Visually amazing, funny, great story! Stella and I were fortunate enough to be invited to the San Francisco premiere during the APE con and had the time of our life. After the movie it was dinner and drinks at the city hall and MAN was that a treat! Food as far as the eye could see, 10 open bars and the most beautiful setting I've ever attended for any event! Whenever I have a movie made from one of my books I'm going to have to insist on that venue for the premiere!!! Actually Stella's already insisting...I'm afraid anything less will be a complete letdown for her.

What else, what else?....

Oh yes. I am finally rolling on my next graphic novel (series?). Can't say too much on it right now but I should be making an announcement sometime after the new Year. Oh, and it's going to be amazing, of course.

Also! Stella Koslowski took First Place in the Bookshop Santa Cruz Young Writers Contest last month! There were approximately 100 entries in her age group and she took top honors for her story "The Happy Times Mouse." The tears were a rollin' when I got that phone call, folks. So she won a 4^0 gift certificate and her story will be published along with all the other top winners in the other age groups and the book will be made available at the store. It will also be distributed to all the winner's school's libraries! A very cool thing indeed. I will, of course, be ordering about a thousand copies to hand out and brag on...and Stella will now have them for sale when she does signings at the conventions with me. A published author at the age of 8. Took me until I was 23 by gum!

Couldn't be prouder her.

BTW she kicked butt at APE selling sketches. She even got into the bartering and made many a sweet deal with other artists at the con. Watching her in action brought many more tears of pride to my eyes.

I guess those are the highlights since last time...BB's selling well, the book and cd set are about to ship to stores (or you can order here!), the reviews have been strong, Finders Keepers debuted to strong sales in NY at the con (also available here) and Russ is rockin' and rollin' on the marketing...And I'm enjoying the winter sunshine here in CA.

Okay, back to work on my new book! Can't wait till I have some art to show you all!



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