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Wow! Been so busy lately trying to make a buck that I notice I haven't posted a "Rich's Rant" in quite some time.

That's the "nutshell" of what's been going on folks... Been trying to make a buck! And finding that more and more difficult a thing to do!

BUT!!! BUT!!! I say... I do have a few opportunities on the horizon.

1st: I will be attending the ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO this weekend in San Francisco (Oct 13-14) and that's always a terrific show for me. Looking forward to selling my wares there. Along with my comics and books I have been stockpiling these awesome little Zombie illustrations I hope to do well with. And my "401 K" plan (my daughter Stella) has also been stockpiling little hand made VooDoo Dolls and Baby Vampire Dolls that she'll proudly be selling as well.

2nd: Speaking of Zombies!... I have come to a publishing agreement with the creator of the wildly popular comic, ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS, Steve Frank, to take over publishing his comic! The first issue will be solicited in a couple months and released in February or March. As plans tighten up I will keep you posted. I can say that the comic (which was always great fun) looks to be better than ever. I will be contributing and ongoing serialized story in the anthology comic as well as having an array of talented writers and artists contributing. I'm looking forward to getting a regular comic published again under my 3 FINGER PRINTS banner!

So I hope to see some of you at APE this weekend!



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