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As some of you may know I am a big baseball fan. Love it! But am I wrong or has this post season really lacked? There seems to be absolutely NO drama whatsoever! The Boston comeback against Cleveland WAS remarkable, yes, I will agree about that...but the fashion in which they did it was actually quite lacking in drama. The last 3 games were SUCH blowouts that even though they rallied to come back from being down 3 games to 1 the series ended up being a "fizzler." I fell asleep a couple times in fact.

And the Colorado Rockies were, indeed, a "Cinderella Story" leading into the WS with their 21 out of 22 games winning run but now they just simply do not look like they belong there. Maybe the 8 day layoff really made them lose their momentum. Momentum is HUGE in any sport. And Boston's comeback against the Indians, boring or not, infused them with such unbelievable momentum and confidence (just like in 2004) that they now look unbeatable.

I sense another 4 and out fizzler of a WS just like in 2004.

I like drama folks, and this WS (at least so far) is sorely lacking. sigh.




Just a real quick blog here to let you all know I'm still very great. It's true.

And that 2 new books are out which I was/am a part of...MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #2 hit the shelves this past week and features the second installment of 12 that I'm slated for. And the book is freakin' fantastic, of course. But I know you all already knew that. How utterly silly of me. Ha ha ha

And I am also featured as a contributor in the wonderful A LIFE OF RAVENS book of poetry by Poet and web columnist/reviewer, ALEX NESS. Alex writes absolutely wonderful poetry and invited me to contribute an illustration. I was delighted! There are 50 poems and over 125 illustrations by some of the comic industry's top talents...Mike Grell, David Yurkovich, Bob Giadrosich, Peter Bergtring, Josh Howard and many more. The book retails for $16.99 but I have it available here at the site for an even $15.00 with S&H included. If you are a fan of great poetry this book's for you!!!

That's it for now.




It could have been the record setting 90 degree heat...It could have been the stifling, oppressive humidity...or it could have been the frightening fact that I sweat so much the two days there that I didn't even have to urinate but once in the two days I was set up at Fallcon last weekend. It could have been one or all three of those things that your typical common "Joe" off the street person would be utterly stunned by last weekend at the annual Minnesota Fallcon. But, sadly, if I were to have told any comic book "outsider" that the real frightening thing that would occur that weekend would be that quite a few of the con attendees would both neither A)Bathe between day 1 and day 2 of the convention, and B) Not change the clothes they wore on day 1, I would hazzard a guess that they would have looked at me with the look of utter disbelief.

Day two arrived and the smell of one particular large attendee assaulted my olfactory senses with such violence that it actually made the back of my throat sting! And, lucky me! stinky sat 10 feet away from me the whole second day! UGH! And it was beyond typical B.O., man! It had this pervasive sweet, musky smell that was a B.O., fecal, urine, oily dandruff mix. Blarrghhh!


Why do these people do this? Or DON'T do this (bathe. change their clothes) in this case. It is so disgusting. It gives me the shivers thinking of it even now a week later. Can't they smell themselves?! It's...I...why?...I don't...ugh! Just ugh!

Now, don't get me wrong...I have always been a defender of comic collectors and loathe the stereotype that we're all geeks who live in our parents basements and never talk to girls (even though I affectionately write about these geeks). But, again, sadly, there is a small contingent of stinky geek comic collectors who continue to perpetuate the stereotype and continue to do it with such passionate vigor that it all-too-often overshadows us "normal" geeks who do, in fact, bathe regularly, have our own domiciles and not only talk to girls but occasionally even get lucky with one!

So please, all you non-comic book collectors out there--though the smell of the few does sometimes outweigh the smell of the many--do not judge us all by the actions of the stinkys.

Amazingly, regardless of the fact that Fallcon was unbearably hot (this was an anomoly! It's usually in the 50's in Minneapolis in October), it was a fantastic show for me! Sales-wise I do better at Fallcon than any other show! ANY! OTHER! SHOW!!! This includes Comic-Con International, WizardWorld, SPX, etc. etc. Fallcon gets far fewer attendees than these other shows and yet the crowd comes to spend! The guys who run this show continue to set the standard for how a show should be run. They're enthusiastic, fun, friendly, the feed you, and they sure know how to have fun after the con's over! I will never, NEVER miss this show if it is at all humanly possible.

I encourage anyone who has ever considered attending Fallcon to do so. You will not regret it. Even if stinky is sitting next to you.

In other news...

MCP #1 is still available here and I had 20 copies slabbed by the CGC guys in their exclusive "Signature Series" they're now doing. What this means is that I had 20 copies signed and numbered and then slabbed and they're all graded at 9.8! I have them available here at the website for $40.00 each. I believe I have 13 left so order yours now!!!

MCP #2 is out in a couple weeks so get your copies!

Sonic The Hedgehog Archives have been released collecting the uber popular series that I contributed to as an Inker and I have Volumes 3, 4, 5 and 6 available now at the website as well.

BBWolf & The 3 L.P.s is 50 pages done with 20 to go!!! In case you don't know, I've been illustrating a new graphic novel written by newcomer Johnnie Arnold. It's a new take on the whole 3 Little Pigs/Big Bad Wolf story and it is absolutely dazzling see image above if you don't believe me!)! I'll, of course, keep you posted as the book progresses.

And finally!...The Yankees are out of the post-season. Yes!



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