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Well Hello there!

Some of you may remember that I had to sue (tried to go the nice route first, I PROMISE you) a business owner up in Canada a few years ago for stealing the image of my 3 GEEKS characters and using it for his store logo, t-shirts, letterhead, website, etc. It took over 2 years, and thousands of my hard-earned dollars to take this numbnuts to court to prove that I had Copyright/ownership of the image, names and characters, and that he knowingly and willfully used the image without my permission.

I won.

He lost.

The Canadian Courts ordered him to stop using the image and to pay me $4,000 for my attorney fees, plus damages.

He did neither.

My only course of action after he did neither was to, once again, hire a lawyer to go after him for the money. This, of course, would have cost me even more money and it still wouldn't have guaranteed that numbnuts paid me any money!!! I tried contacting the RMCP up there--nothing. The courts--nothing. It seems that the Canadian Courts are as neutered as the US Courts when it comes to punishing their deadbeat losers. So, since I was already out $4,000 plus, and didn't want to spend more $$ chasing a black hole, I decided to take my Copyright Victory and give up any dream of recovering lost funds.

This all happened about 3- 3 1/2 years ago.

So, last week my website hosting service informs me that numbnuts up in Canada has contacted them, saying that I have an illegal post on my website blog that's infringing HIS copyrights and that I should have to take down that page!!! Can you believe it?! So I'm suitably pissed off and email my website designer/administrator back asking, "WTF?!" He tells me, "Yeah, it's bull$#!t, but you have to counter his claim by tomorrow or they're going to remove the page."

So, I spend 2-3 hours writing emails, sending court documents, etc, proving that I'M THE VICTIM HERE! -- More of my valuable time and money spent fighting a fight I've already won!

So, I get the response back the other day.

I won.


The page stays up. And here it is for your reading pleasure...

Nuff said.


p.s. I should add quickly that since I won the lawsuit, and my blog and other interviews followed the lawsuit, that I have been contacted by no less than a dozen other victims of numbnuts sharing their stories of his criminal activities. One of the people was his own cousin who is currently suing him.

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