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A few months back I was invited to contribute a cover for the wildly popular comic book series ADVENTURE TIME. This was a real "feather in the cap" for me as, not only is my daughter a huge fan of the show and comic, but so am I! So I diligently got to work and cranked out some roughs, they picked one, and I diligently went to work doing the final. I worked hard and completed the cover within a week of the invitation. The people at AT headquarters were pleased, paid me, patted me on the back and politely informed me that in 6 months the cover would see the light of day...issue #15 I believe. Okay, tough having to wait and all but still cool to have it officially scheduled.

Then my pal, Steve Frank, emails me the other day and says he saw my name on the IFC of issue #11 that just hit the stands! Wha?... as Finn would say! So, I email the editor at AT Headquarters and, yep, sure enough, apparently the people at Dynamic Forces wanted to do an exclusive, saw my cover, dug it and asked for it, and, VOILA, my cover is apparently LIVE this month.

So go hunt down a copy...the Dynamic Forces variants are pretty rare I guess.



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