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And the aforementioned Brett Favre tops my "Best and Worst List of 2010"

And so, let's lead this blog off with the category of "WORST ATHLETE OF 2010"...BRETT LORENZO FAVRE!

BTW, I think that the whole "concussion" thing that kept him out the last two games of this season was really a secret suspension handed down by the league after the whole Jenn Sterger Sext scandal. We've all seen Favre take much harder hits on the field than the one that "supposedly" caused the concussion...haven't we?...hmmm??? Fishy.

Ben Roethlisberger was a very close 2nd on my list of "Worst" in the pro athletes category this past year. I mean the guy's a total tool and I don't think anyone, including his own teammates apparently, are going to refute this. Total a-hole. This douche (hey, that's Favre's nickname too!) does not deserve to be in the Superbowl this year so GO JETS!


Michael Vick for his amazing turn around and...wha?...HELL NO! I'm JOKING!!! Anyone who said that about Vick this year is a total idiot! The guy didn't "see the light" or "Pay for his crimes" or "find redemption and learn the error of his ways and he's such a great nice guy now, blah blah blah..." HE GOT CAUGHT DOING EXTREMELY AWFUL AND ILLEGAL THINGS! He'd still be killing dogs right now TODAY if he hadn't been caught. He's a despicable human being. You have to be to do what he was doing. No other explanation.

BEST ATHLETE goes to Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers! For maintaining dignity through the past 6 years while Douche #1 grabbed all the spotlight. He just kept doing his job and focused on his team. And now, even with a TON of injuries to the team, he has helped lead them deep into the playoffs with a strong possibility of making the Superbowl. I love the Pack, but I'm hoping for Aaron's sake that he makes it and wins it all so he can finally shut all the knuckleheads wearing "Favre blinders" up once and for all!


JUSTIFIED starring Timothy Olyphant! Awesome tv show filled with drama, humor, great and believable characters and the snappiest most well-written dialogue ever! And what would you expect since the show's based on an Elmore Leonard story. Leonard's the master of great dialogue. I've read just about all of his novels and this is by far one of the best adaptations of his work to the screen.


THE FIGHTER! The true story of boxer Micky Ward starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. Riveting! And although Micky Ward wasn't a household name before this film he's always deserved more recognition. I followed his career the last couple years he fought and he was one of the grittiest fighters I'd ever seen. Good for him that this film is doing so well.


ADVENTURE TIME! on Cartoon Network is by far the best cartoon of 2010 and the best since the first couple seasons of SpongeBob or Flapjack! Adventure Time is hysterical! Not only are the storylines ridiculously clever and surreal (in a good way!) but the dialogue keeps us constantly giggling...the two main characters talking like "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski! Not only is this a great cartoon, it's just a flat-out great television show and I look forward to it as much as any "adult" show presently airing.


Nope, it's not Favre. Here's a few turds of human beings who personally screwed me over in the past year and beyond...First we have one Mr. Hogan Scott Courrier up in Marmosa, Canada. Owner of Geeks Galore Computer service store. This creep STOLE my artwork of my characters, "The 3 Geeks" that I did and has been using it for his store logo for the past 8 years illegally! I contacted him years ago in a very friendly way, even giving him the benefit of the doubt that it was an honest mistake, and asking him politely to remove the art. He refused and was quite the ass in doing so. He made many false claims on how he "obtained" the art and changed his story repeatedly over the next few years. I was finally forced to hire attorneys to pursue the matter legally and after many years and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (around $7K) out-of-pocket costs I won a decision in Canadian court! He was ordered to stop using the art and pay me for damages. He has done neither. The art is still on his storefront and he hasn't paid me a dime. And the court system up there is a joke. Apparently if I want to go after him for the money he owes I have to PAY MORE MONEY to hire collectors to pursue him. And getting the art off his store?!...short of going up there myself and painting over it I have no options. The courts up there are as useless as the courts down here! Which brings me to our next bunch of losers for 2010...


This batch of deadbeats rented our upper flat of our duplex in Wisconsin in late 2009 through early 2010. They were risky as their credit reports were peppered with various red flags, but after a very tearful "bearing of her soul" over the telephone we decided to give Jennifer and her family a second chance to get back on their feet. Damn me for having a soft heart, for these people proceeded to screw us out of thousands of dollars in rent and then, after a costly eviction process, proceeded to go ahead and trash our house on top of it. The filth they left behind was indescribable--including a major F**K YOU of leaving a pair of soiled woman's underwear in the washing machine and intentionally plugging up and burning out the drain and garbage disposal! They were also ordered to pay us back over $3K in damages and we were forced to garnish wages from Jennifer (as Bernie was fired from his job for undisclosed reasons. There was a burglary at his workplace just before his firing but he was not prosecuted for this crime as of my writing this) but the garnishing process is a JOKE! We have to file and re-file every 13 weeks, which also includes a filing fee of $130 each time, and we received a grand total of two payments from Jennifer's work to the tune of $140!!!

So watch out for these losers! And save yourself a lot of time and money when you face people like these. It's not worth going to court or hiring lawyers. They're neutered. Helpless and hapless. Just go grab the losers by the scruff of their necks and toss them out onto the streets and change the locks on the doors. Or go spray paint over their stolen logos. Sure, they might sue you...but apparently you don't have to really pay any restitution in this country even if you do lose. Or Canada! Trust me, it'd cost them a shitload of money to go after you...and losers like the Hewitt family or Hogan don't apparently have any money in the first place so they can't afford an attorney to go after you anyway.

And I will end this rant with my "BEST PERSON OF 2010" just so it's not a total downer of a blog.

STELLA ROSE KOSLOWSKI! Yep, she's the best and there's no debating it, folks. She kept me sane and as positive as I could possibly be. Her presence probably prevented me from killing the losers mentioned above as well...which wouldn't have been such a bad thing other than the prison time I'd have invariably faced.

Stella had a banner year as a great student and won two first places in two separate writing and art contests! She remains well-behaved and kind and caring towards others. I couldn't imagine a better daughter!

So even though there were a plethora of losers out there trying to tear me down Stella was there to more than compensate for their collected assholeishness and keep me on the positive side.

I will persevere thanks to her! and I look forward to a much better 2011.




Hey all! It is with great pride that I report the news that the prestigious COMIC BOOK RESOURCES has listed BB WOLF AND THE THREE LPS as one of their Top 100 books of 2010! We even cracked the Top 50 nabbing the 47th spot on the list! And checking over the rankings I've gotta say I'm quite proud because there's some really fantastic books on this list.

JD and I would like to thank everyone who bought, read and spread the word about the book. And also thank the fine folks over at CBR! They've always been kind to me in the past and work very hard and take their jobs very seriously giving fans of the industry excellent insight, views and news about our beloved hobby.

Here's the link to check out the list. I'm guessing that if you're reading this you've already got a copy of BB and don't need any more pimping by me but I really think you ought to peruse the other selections and make sure to go out and pick up a few of them.



P.S. Next blog I'm goona do my "best and worst" of 2010. Yep, Favre's on the list! I'm gonna let you sweat wondering if he's in the "best" or "worst" category! Right!

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